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Strangers In Paradise

Strangers in Paradise
is a comic book with no cape, no mutant, no super heroes. It has 2 heroines, though, called Francine and Katchoo, and a sidekick called David. The story is not simple; conspiracy, treason, money, sex, power, you have it all. But mostly Terry Moore tries to tell us about friendship and love. I can hear some of you already: "aaawww its a chicks' comic book..." Maybe. The emotions involved are quite intense. Then again, maybe not. Maybe its only about life and how we try to survive to it. Grab a few isssues and come back to me on this!
Terry Moore tried for a long time to be accepted in the comic strip syndicate. After 5 years of refusal, he decided to produce his own comic book, Strangers In Paradise, a collection of different characters from his comic strips. Antartic Press took an interest and published his first mini-serie Strangers In Paradise (volume 1, issues 1 to 3) in 1993. Encouraged by its success, he created his own publishing house in 1994, Abstract Studio, and published his second and third stories I Dream of You (vol. 2, issues 1 to 9) and It's a Good Life (vol. 2, issues 10 to 13). In 1996, he helped create Homage Comics, a division of WildStorm Productions. Homage published his fourth and fifth stories Love Me Tender (vol 3, issues 1 to 5) and Immortal Ennemies (vol.3, issues 6 to 12) in colour, no less. After a year at Homage, Mr. Moore decided to go back to Abstract Studio (and black and white), the story doesn't say why. He published then his sixth story High School (vol 3, issues 13 to 16). For our great pleasure, he is still at Abstract Studio, and he is currently publishing one issue every 6 weeks or so.
Trade Paperbacks
Past issues are pretty hard to find but if you are interested in reading the story (or stories) from the top, you can always buy (or borrow) the trade paperback. Here they are, in order, and they are all available at Abstract Studio.
The Collected Strangers In Paradise
(vol. 1, issues 1-3)
I Dream Of You
(vol. 2, issues 1-9)
It's a Good Life
(vol. 2, issues 10-13)
Immortal Ennemies
(vol. 3, issues 6-12)
High School
(vol. 3, issues 13-16)
Love Me Tender
(vol. 3, issues 1-5)
Art from the Strangers In Paradise Website. If you want to see (and learn) more, click on the link below.
Make your own calendar!
The following pics were scanned from the 1999 Strangers In Paradise Calendar. Feel free to download and use them to create your own calendar. Don't forget though that all rights are reserved and the pics should only be used for your own enjoyment!
Strangers In Paradise The Web Site
For those who would like to learn more about the story, characters and creator of this great comic book, there is an official web site you can browse through. Lots of goodies too! Clic on the banner and enjoy!
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