Let me introduce you to some of the great people that have an impact in my life. Since they are a part of me, I decided to give them space on this home page of mine. If you are not interested, skip this and try the links. Some are quite interesting!

My "little" sister (she's actually a few inches taller) is 5 years yonger than me. She lives in Québec City (two hours and a half from Montréal by car) and studies anthropology at the University of Laval. She has amazing grades, especially for a student with 2 jobs and living on governmental loans! Maybe what helps is that she loves her job as a swimming instructor. In addition to a twisted sense of humour, we share a great friendship.
** Update (2008): My sister has now been living in Vancouver for 2 years, she finished her BAC in anthropology and has now a Master in the same subject. She has lived in Cuba, Mexico and Equator before moving to Vancouver to teach French as a second language. To my great happiness, she is moving back to my city (in the Province of Quebec) this summer to study for her Doctorate. Yippie Hurray!

Alexander Wheill
My boyfriend Alex is headcheese of Wreck Age Recordings, a noise/ambient/electronic music production company. He also works for a living but I'm not supposed to tell! I corrupted him and now he's as much a fan of Star Trek as I am. We both love comic books, sci-fi movies, Heinlein's books and each other. Aaaaaawww shucks! :)


Gaëlle is my best friend. We met when we were only 12 years old but we actually became friends when we were 14. She is incredibly intelligent, funny and very talented. She plays the up-right bass (contrebasse in french) and sings divinely. She has a weakness for everything "rockabilly" and she herself has the dignity, beauty and style of a 1940's movie character. She has class!

I've known Maïté for years too, we also met when we were 12 years old. We have been friends all those years, sometimes losing sight of each other but always keeping in touch from time to time. She is very intelligent, funny and full of life. She easily makes friends with her charm and her bright smile but she keeps to herself and is quite secretive about her personal things. She is a sports lover too but, fortunately for me, she also loves to read as much as I do, so we often exchange books. Cheaper than buying them all!

Trollman is this funny, witty and very sweet Englishman from Wales (really!) I "met" on Girls on Film. He's as much a movie freak as I am, probably even more! We have been chating and e-mailing each other since November 98 and I can now say without a doubt that he's one of my best friends (not that I have that many of those...)

Mike lives in the USA, more precisely in New England. He works for the same company I used to work for and by a strange coincidence, we have the same (french) last name! It seems his grandfather was from Canada. He is what you can call a "genuine nice guy", has a lovely wife and a cute little 2 year-old boy. He is a loyal "email pal" and I just love receiving his emails. He always says he will come and visit but I'm still waiting!
Update (2008): Mike has invited me to "our" family reunion this summer and I hope I can make it! Would be fantastic to meet other members of "our family" (even though we still don't know if we are related! hehe). Mike has also now a gorgeous little girl and I would love to meet them all.

TigerHart lives in UK also and I had the chance to visit his corner of the world too (pictures to come, I promise!). He's one of the sweetest guy I know online and in real life and is probably "le dernier amant romantique" as we say in French. Don't get me wrong, we are just friends but he took care of me and I had the most wonderful peaceful vacation. Plus he's funny, a bit crazy (like me!), has eyes the colour of the sea and is almost as much a movie buff as I am. We had a great time and I miss him.
Update (2008): TigerHart is now living in Australia and it's not easy to chat when we have a 14 hours time difference! But whenever we do, I remember why I keep in touch... he is funny and just lovely. Just a shame I won't be able to visit anymore. *sigh* Well he is thinking of moving back to UK, so lets all cross our fingers, ok? *wink*

I met Isabelle at a job, a place I used to work for 3 years ago (started in 1998). I noticed her almost at once, for her beauty but mostly for her twisted and evil sense of humour. She is a nice person and will only mock those who deserve it. But oh, what a witty and brilliant mind she has! She's a fun-loving, independant, sophisticated, street-smart, wacky young woman and I'm lucky to be her friend!


The following list of links are sorted by categories to help you browse them efficiently. Most are about subjects that interest me but some are listed for their weird and interesting content. Enjoy!


Clint Eastwood the World Web Page (
The best Clint Eastwood website on the Net. Biography, filmography, wavs, pics and more! (,com_frontpage/Itemid,49/)
I am still in denial about his oh so untimely death... so whenever I need to see his face, I go on this website to download one of their many wondeful pictures of this talented actor that I miss so much!


Extraordinary Julian (
Best website I ever found on Julian McMahon (Cole Turner in Charmed) with tons of pics, most up-to-date info about the actor, forum, etc. Website in English and in German, click on the flag to choose the language.

Graphomania by GG (
GG is a graphomaniac who has a knack with wallpapers. I found many "transformed pics" of Julian McMahon there, including the pic I'm using for my Charmed page's background.

Charmed Clip (
Charmed Clip (part of website) is an wonderful Italian website that offers many downloadable videoclips, wallpapers, art, avatars and more! Just click on the "download" link on the first page (upper left corner) and browse. Of course you have to guess sometimes, since the site is mostly in Italian! Have fun!

List of many Charmed Fan Sites: (my favorite!) (Careful: Spoilers!!)


Rod Stewart(
Official website. Audio player to browse his latest songs, pics, biography, e-cards, and a lot more. Enjoy!

Wreck Age Recordings (
Official website leading to several Wreck Age bands' websites. Everything and anything you need to know... and even some you don't!

Star Trek Sci-Fi

Star Trek Official Web Site (
Anything and everything you ever wanted to know about the series, the caracters, the stories, the actors, the latest space news plus tons of pics, video clips, wavs! A must for all Star Trek Fans.

All Trek (
All the Trek on one site. Need I say more?!

Medical Log: Supplemental - A Tribute to Julian Bashir & DS9 (
Beautiful site dedicated to Alexander Siddig's caracter on DS9. His name is Bashir, Julian Bashir!

Welcome to Janeway's(
Finally a worthy site for Voyager's formidable captain fans! Pics, survey, info, anything you dreamed of!

Comic Books

Librairie Millenium Bookstore (
Official website of the comic shop where I buy all my comics. You can order online or just check this week new releases and/or news about the comic book world.

Strangers in Paradise (
Official website includes major characters' descriptions, info about the creator (Terry Moore), online store where you can buy past issues (among other things), a discussion forum, goodies and more!


Microsoft Typography (
Anything from tools for fonts to freeware fonts. Many many links to font websites. Some links need some update though.

Emerald City Fontwerks (
Great clipfonts, several of them freeware or shareware. MacIntosh welcome! (
Best place on the web to download FREE fonts (for personal use only). They have thousands of different fonts, sorted by style (fancy, techno, gothic, script, etc.) MacIntosh welcome!

Screen Savers
Over 700 screensavers to choose from! It's a screensavers frenzy!


Charme et Sortilège (
My Favorite store in Montreal where to buy Wicca supplies and get great advice. THey are a central place for the French speaking wicca community living in and around Montreal (but they do speak English if you need it). You will buy only what you really need, no sales forced down your throat there! They also offer classes and readings for a reasonable price. For those living too far, you can order online too!

The Magical Blend (Le MÉlange Magique) (
My second favorite place to shop for wicca supplies in Montreal. They are also a central point but for the English speaking community living in and around Montreal. They offer classes, special events (like faires) and very good advice too. For those living too far, you can order online too!


David Hasseloff is the AntiChrist (and I have the proof!) (
Need I say more? Really really funny and witty.

La Girafe Timbrée (
Best free e-cards on the Net, for all occasions. In french only.

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