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Update 17th November 2007. Greetings one and all. Plenty of new mini designs have seen the light recently, with concept designs for pieces in Night Below, Desert of Desolation and Starwars Force Unleashed.

Update 24th August 2007.I will be attending GenCon UK next week at Reading University as a guest artist, so if anyone wants to have a chat about art or get some sketches done then please come along. The 4th edition of D&D has been announced by Wizards of the Coast and I was priveliged to contribute some concept art, more on that later. Also been working on D&D minis and Fortress of the Yuan Ti.

Update 22 April 2007. Howdy all! Still plenty busy with several projects. Complete Champion from Wizards is out next month, just done some work for Green Ronin on Players Guide to Freeport and lots of other stuff I can't talk about yet. Still haven't found the time to sort out this shambles of a website!

Update 1 March 2007. Here's another three minis I concepted for Unhallowed due out in a few days time. We have the Ultraloth, Large Brass Dragon and the Dwarf Battlerager.


Update 16 Feb. 2007. The first of the D&D Miniature figures I concept designed have recently gone up on Wizards site. I am proud to present the Beholder Lich, the Fire Mephit and the Werewolf Lord. These are from the Unhallowed set released in March.:


Update 8 August 2006. Dreamblade is unleashed on an unsuspecting world on Thursday at GenCon Indy. Here's another piece I designed, the Boneclan Hunter.I have added a colour version I did for fun.

Other work completed that I can tell you about include 'Tome of Corruption', A WFRP book by Black Library and 'Fantastic Locations: Frostfell Rift' for Wizards. When I have a little time I'll put up a decent Dreamblade section on the site.

Update 23 March 2006. Currently working on "Crisis in Freeport" and a WFRP2 book for Green Ronin, also working on some stuff for Wizards. I'm pretty chuffed that Wizards has released some preview material for Dreamblade, their new collectable miniatures game. I had the pleasure of concepting a number of monsters in the first set, due to be released in August. These were my first miniature designs and I was really happy with how they turned out. The sculpts look great.

The figure above is the Dreadmorph Ogre, which I did the concept turnaround for, (that's the front, back and side views.) Check out the official site for lots of cool stuff:

Update 27 November 2005. Oh boy, has it really been that long since an update? Well, I have done work on 'Magic of Incarnum' and 'Stormwrack' for Wizards of the Coast as well as several other projects that I cannot dicuss yet. A few pieces for 'Realms of Sorcery' for WFRP, some non RPG concept work. Going in to Hospital for knee surgery tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Update 28 May 2005. Hi folks, been busy working on "Eternal Rome" for Green Ronin and just done a couple of card illustrations for the next "RuneBound" expansion from Fantasy Flight Games. About to start on an interesting project, but that is hush hush. Oh, and also doing some illustrations for Wanderers Haven's "Eramesch" world book.

Update 16 March 2005. Hey Everyone!! Well after several hectic months of family occasions, family illnesses and general business of life things are back on an even keel. So what have I been up to? Well, I did quite a bit of work on the new Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay core book, I've been working on a couple of books for Wizards of the Coast as well as "Complete Guide to Fey" and "Complete Guide to Werewolves" by Goodman Games.

Update 23 Sept. I know, I know... no updates for months, sorry !! Well, my first work for Wizards of the coast has been published, yay !! Checkout the Frostburn Gallery to see all the pics. Currently working on "Complete Guide to Dragonkin" by Goodman Games and an upcoming Green Ronin book.

Update 4 May 2004. Still keeping busy my friends, ( hence lack of updates ! ) About to start on a number of new projects, Fireborn for F.F.G., EverQuest:Plane of Hate for Sword & Sorcery Studios and I'm doing the cover and interior for Ivory Tower Games' "Unveiling Apocalypse". May the Fourth be with you !

Update 27 Feb 2004. The Gods have smiled upon me, I have a gig with Wizards of the Coast !! Can't say what yet though. Also have work on 'The Players Guide to Arcanis' from Paradigm Concepts, so plenty to be getting on with. Later.

Update 2 Feb 2004. I have updated my gallery at Pen and Paper.Net I have more up to date art on that site than I do here! Working on EverQuest: Heroes of Norrath at the moment and sneaked in a couple of pieces for Midnight: City of Shadow from F.F.G. too.

Update 20 Jan 2004. Well, the new year is well underway so it's about time for an update. Been working on equipment illos for Horizon:Spellsinger by FFG and EA:Magic Item Creation for Mongoose Publishing. Hoping to work on my colour portfolio too. Also intending to get some of my Warcraft and EverQuest art up on site before long. Stay tuned.

Update 4 December 2003. Working on Everquest:Dagnors Cauldron for Sword and Sorcery Studios at the moment and then maybe a little something for Horizon:Spellslinger for FFG after that.

Update 2 November. Greetings All, currently working on Horizon:Virtual and Wildscape for Fantasy Flight Games.

Update 6 October. Working on Warcraft: Alliance and Horde Compendium, and Everquest: Forests of Faydark for Sword and Sorcery Studios.

Update 10 August 2003. Working on Warcraft:Manual of Monsters, Quintessential human and a Chaos Magic book for Mongoose at the mo. It's so hot here, it's hard to work.

Update 25 June. I have updated my gallery at Pen and Paper.Net Please feel free to check it out. Upcoming projects include Elemental Lore for FFG and Black Sails Over Freeport for Green Ronin.

Update 7 June. Apologies for the lack of updates in recent weeks. I have been working on Redline and Minions of Shadow for FFG and toying around with some colour stuff. It really is about time I added some new art and cleared out some of the old stuff. When I have some spare time I'll get to it. Cheerio for now.

Update 9 April 2003. Lots of stuff to work on at the moment, Giant Lore for FFG, Warcraft d20 for White Wolf and Unholy Warriors for Green Ronin . These folks are keeping me busy!!

Update 17 March. Currently working on Sorcery and Steam for F.F.G.

Update 3 March. Working through the Tales of Freeport stuff at the mo. Have some urgent work on Twisted Lore for F.F.G. up after that.

Update 1 February. Howdy folks. The cover for Kobolds is just about done. Upcoming work for Green Ronin on Tales of Freeport.

Update 16 January. I'm pleased to say I am to produce the cover and interior illustrations for Mongoose Publishing's, "The Slayers Guide to Kobolds."

Update 10 January 2003. Happy New Year Everyone !! The Pencil marches into another year of battle with the Paper. After some delay I am finally working on Dungeoncraft pieces for Fantasy Flight Games. I have been approached by a couple of new clients, so fingers crossed there. Hopefully 2003 will see me branch out into more colour work.

Update 12 December 2002. I have a new gallery of work at Pen and Paper.Net Please feel free to check it out.

Update 10 December. Well, my first cover, "The Slayers Guide to Yuan Ti" is finished and online at the Mongoose Publishinga website.

Update 21 November 2002. Howdy ho again, been keeping busy, just finished a few equipment pieces for Plot and Poison by Green Ronin publishing. Still doing the internal art for the Yuan Ti book and after that Dungeoncraft for Fantasy Flight and before you know it - Christmas!!

Update 9 October. Well, what have I been up to since my last update? I have finished work on the Slayers Guide to Duergar and have been busy with Path of Shadow to be followed rapidly by Path of Faith, Denizens of Freeport and the Slayers Guide to Yuan Ti, for which I am painting the cover art as well as internal art. This lot should keep me going till mid November!! Better get back to it.

Update 25 August. I really ought to do updates more often. Anyway I'm off to GenCon UK this week to show my wares. Just finished work on The Monsters Handbook for FFG and am now working on The Slayers Guide to Duergar.

Update 19 July. I've put some images of the books I have work in on the d20 page.

Update 7 July. Hi folks, long time no see. Tomorrow is my birthday, yay!. Well, Hammer and Helm is finished, I've also been working on Path of the Sword, Path of Magic, The Quintessential Monk, The Slayers Guide to Medusa and am now on a batch of illos for The Monsters Handbook by Fantasy Flight Games!

Update 16 April. I have added images into the Fantasy Flight and Green Ronin pages in the d20 section of the site.

Update 9 April. Sorry about the lack of updates recently. I've been working on The Quintessential Wizard and Imperial Supply and soon to start on Hammer and Helm.

Update 9 March. Just had confirmation that I am to illustrate the whole interior for Green Ronins "Hammer and Helm" D20 Race of Renown Book. Fantastic!!

Update 14 Feb. A heavy thump sounded as the postman deliverd his mail this morning. "Not more Valentines cards!" I thought. No, even better, it was issue 48 of the Citadel Journal with a four page feature on my artwork in the illuminations section! Cool, cool, cool!

Update 11 Feb. Wonders will never cease, I've put up the d20 section!I will keep adding to this section as more works are published.

Update 10 Feb. I have updated the contact page. It now has a brief biography and a list of published works.

Update 2 Feb. Next up is Traps and Treachery II for Fantasy Flight Games. Bear with me folks and I'll get the D20 section of my website up and running as soon as I can

Update 26 Jan. Finished my Freeport pics, just about to start on some Magical Constructs for Mongoose.

Update 6 Jan. Happy New Year everyone! I've just finished 14 illustrations for Spells and Spellcraft by Fantasy Flight Games and am now working on Freeport City of Adventure by Green Ronin Publishing. 2002 should be a busy year.

Update 10 Dec 2001. Currently working on illustrations for Mongoose Publishing and Green Ronin publishing. Check out the links page to go to their websites.

Update 2 Dec. I have just completed ten illustrations for Dragonstar a new D20 roleplaying system from Fantasy Flight Games. To check out some samples head on over to the Dragonstar site. I have also done 9 illustrations for their Seafarers Handbook. Both books due out this month, then I'll put them on the site.

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