Check out these sites. The best site for tabletop fantasy games, books, miniatures and so on. A cool site for Roleplaying and other computer games. The home site of "the Association of ScienceFiction and Fantasy Artists." The website of artist Martin Mckenna. The web site of Image Comics. The site for all things Dark and Templar. I have provided illustrations for the codex, available for download here.
www.portent.netA great resource site for all things Games Workshop. A fantastic range of Historical and Fantasy miniatures and the makers of the Street Violence game and miniatures.Cool. A great site for budding artists. April Lee is not only a very talented artist, but has taken the time and trouble to give advice to others. The makers of the Dragonstar RPG, (which I have provided illustrations for)and many other cool games. Including The Lord of the Rings board game. Seattle based RPG company that produces the excellent Freeport Adventure Series. Publishers of the Slayers Guides and the Collectors Series of RPG books
www.pen-paper.netExcellent art gallery and RPG database run by Bobby Hitt. A really good artist.
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