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Update 28th March 2009. I have a new blog going on here...... David Griffith Illustration

Update 3rd March 2009. A very belated Happy New Year to everyone!! A quick rundown on what I've been working on for the last few months, Heros Handbook Dragonborn, Insearch of Adventure and Level Up magazine issue 1 for Goodman games, as well as a few unannounced as yet books. Figure designs for DDM Players Handboook Heroes and Dangerous Delves as well as Star Wars Imperial Entanglements for WOTC.Interior art for Seekers of the Ashen Crown for WOTC and also Dark Heresy Creatures Anathema for Fantasy Flight Games.

Update 7th September 2008. Thankyou to everyone at Horsemen Events for organising a great GenCon Uk 2008. I had a great time. Thanks to all those who bought character sketches off me and a big hello to everyone I met. See you all next year hopefully! The photos below show some of the artists in attendance. Pic1. Jason Bulmahn of Paizo and Wayne Reynolds look on as Eva Wildermann and Lydia Schuchmann work at their craft. Pic2 Ralph Horsley busy sketching. Pic3 Spanish artist David Esbri of Warhammer 40k comics fame.

Gen Con UK 2008, 28-31 Aug, Reading University

Update 15th July 2008.Hello everyone! About time I had an update! I will be attending GenCon UK this year as a guest artist. I shall be doing some concept drawings for an exclusive miniature to be sculpted by Seth Nash and auctioned off at Gen Con. I have been working on miniatures for Dungeons of Dread, Against the Giants and Legacy of the Force as well as book illustrations for Wizards of the Coast.

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