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These are the good people who have commissioned work from me.
Wizards of the Coast. Renton, Washington U.S.A.D&D Frostburn
D&D Stormwrack
D&D Magic of Incarnum
D&D Complete Psionic
D&D Fantastic Locations: Frostfell Rift
D&D Fiendish Codex II
D&D Magic Item Compendium
D&D Complete Champion
D&D Fortress of the Yuan Ti
Races and Classes
Worlds and Monsters
Adventurers Vault (Cover and interior art)
4Ed. Players Handbook
4Ed. Monster Manual
4Ed. DM Guide
Seekers of the Ashen Crown
Colour and B & W interior art
Wizards of the Coast. Renton, Washington U.S.A.D&D Minis Players Handbook Heroes
D&D Minis Dangerous Delves
D&D Minis Demonweb
D&D Minis Against the Giants
D&D Minis Dungeons of Dread
D&D Minis Desert of Desolation
D&D Minis Night Below
D&D Minis Unhallowed
StarWars Minis Legacy of the Force
StarWars Minis Force Unleashed
Star Wars Minis Imperial Entanglements
D&D Chess Set
Dreamblade Base Set
Dreamblade Baxar's War
Dreamblade Crysotic Plague
Dreamblade Night Fusion
Miniature Concept Designs
Games Workshop. (Fanatic Games) Nottingham U.K. Battlefleet Gothic Magazine Issue 13B & W interior art.
White Wolf Publishing/Sword and Sorcery Studios. Stone Mountain, Georgia U.S.A.Warcraft d20 R.P.G.
Warcraft:Manual of Monsters
Warcraft: Alliance and Horde
EverQuest: Forests of Faydark
EverQuest: Dagnors Cauldron
EverQuest: Heroes of Norrath
EverQuest: Plane of Hate
B & W Interior Art
Fantasy Flight Games. Roseville, Minnesota U.S.A.Dragonstar Starfarers Handbook
Dragonstar Guide to the Galaxy
Dragonstar Imperial Supply
Legends and Lairs: Seafarers Handbook
Legends and Lairs: Spells and Spellcraft
Legends and Lairs: Traps and Treachery II
Legends and Lairs: Monsters Handbook
Legends and Lairs: Dungeoncraft
Legends and Lairs: Twisted Lore
Legends and Lairs: Elemental Lore
Legends and Lairs: Sorcery and Steam
Legends and Lairs: Giant Lore
Legends and Lairs: Path of the Sword
Legends and Lairs: Path of Magic
Legends and Lairs: Path of Shadow
Legends and Lairs: Path of Faith
Legends and Lairs: Wildscape
Legens and Lairs: Mastercraft Anthology
Midnight: Minions of Shadow
Midnight: City of Shadow
FireBorn Players Handbook
Fireborn Gamemasters Guide
Runebound (colour)
Dark Heresy Creature Anathema (colour)
Rogue Trader Core rulebook
All B & W interior art
Green Ronin Publishing. Seattle, Washington U.S.A.Freeport, City of Adventure
Hammer and Helm: A Guidebook to Dwarves
Denizens of Freeport
Plot and Poison
Tales of Freeport
Unholy Warriors Handbook
Black Sails over Freeport
Warhammer F.R.P. 2nd Edition
Eternal Rome
WFRP:Realms of Sorcery
Crisis in Freeport
WFRP: Tome of Corruption
Players Guide to Freeport
Colour and B & W interior art
Paradigm Concepts. Miami, Florida U.S.A.Arcanis, The Players Guide to
Ssethregore, in the coils of the Serpent Empire
B & W interior art
Mongoose Publishing. Swindon U.K.The Slayers Guide to Yuan Ti
The Slayers Guide to Kobolds
Cover Illustrations
Full Colour: Acrylic
Mongoose Publishing. Swindon U.K.The Slayers guide to Sahuagin
The Slayers Guide to Bugbears
The Slayers Guide to Medusa
The Slayers Guide to Duergar
The Slayers Guide to Yuan Ti
The Slayers Guide to Kobolds
Cities of Fantasy:Skraag, City of Orcs
Cities of Fantasy: Stormhaven
The Quintessential Rogue
The Quintessential Cleric
The Quintessential Wizard
The Quintessential Monk
The Quintessential Human
The Quintessential Chaos Mage
Encyclopaedia Arcane: Constructs
Encyclopaedia Arcane: Magic Item Creation
Ultimate Prestige Classes Vol 1
All B & W interior art
Goodman Games. Chicago,Illinois, USA.Complete Guide to Dragonkin
Complete Guide to Fey
Complete Guide to Werewolves
Heros Handbook Dragonborn
Heros Handbook: Tieflings
In Search of Adventure
Level Up #1
From Here to There (cover art)
Monstercology: Orcs
Book of Rituals
B & W interior art
Continuum PublishingThe Geography of Science Fiction
byKitchin and Kneale
Cover illustration
Colour, acrylic and pencils

The Guilty Party.
A Brief Biography.
Having given up a glittering career in Retail Admin. (yawn!) I have embarked on a voyage of adventure as a freelance fantasy artist. Setting sail from the port of Colchester in the U.K., (actually, it's not a port, not even on the coast.) my crewmates are, my wife Keren, our two sons, Aidan and Robin, daughter Fern and ships cat, Millie. Hopefully I can keep this ship afloat and not get dashed on the rocks of failure.

I would be interested to hear from anyone who would like to commission any artwork.
It would be great to hear from other artists or writers about tips, contacts, collaborations etc.
or anybody who has enjoyed my work.

So please sign the guestbook or e-mail me at
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