GossamerWing's Christmas Crafts

Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Two different ways to make ornaments using metal cookie cutters.

Potpourri Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Materials Needed:

* Metal cutters of your choice
* Tulle or pretty lace sized to fit both sides of cookie cutter
* Ribbon or fabric that will fit the sides of the cookie cutter, it doesn't have to cover the entire side, just            enough to cover the spot where the tulle or lace will meet
* Potpourri in your choice of scent. Peppermint or a holiday spice variety is nice though
* Long needle with a good sized eye
* Thin silver braid or embroidery floss to make a hanger
* Hot glue gun and glue sticks
* Decorative items such as holly leaves if desired

Cut two pieces of tulle or lace big enough to cover the front and back of the cookie cutter and at least half way up/down the sides

Use the glue gun to attach one piece of the tulle/lace to the bottom of the cookie cutter, making sure the material is tight

Fill the cookie cutter with potpourri as tightly as possible

Carefully glue the second piece of tulle/lace to the top of the cookie cutter making sure the material is tight

Glue the ribbon or fabric to the edges, covering the spot where the two pieces of tulle/lace meet

Use the needle to run the braid or whatever you've chosen to use for a hanger through the top of the cookie cutter and the potpourri

Add decorative trims as desired