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Welcome to GossamerWing's Christmas Crafts Page

I've been crafting most of my life, but I especially enjoy doing Christmas Projects. Maybe because Christmas is my favorite holiday. I've put together some of my favorite Christmas Crafts Projects to share. Some of the projects are very kid friendly, meaning you can start your kids off and pretty much let them fly solo. Some are projects you can do WITH you're kids, and some aren't kid friendly in the least. I'll try to categorize them in the future, but for now, I'll at least mark them here on the index page. Hopefully these pages will continue to grow.

Spruce Up Some Clear Glass Balls

Make "Cookies" for your Tree (Kid Craft)

Decorate Cookie Cutters

Marbleize Clear Glass Balls

Paint a Delft Porcelain Look Glass Ball

Paint a Salt Glazed Look Glass Ball

Make a Wreath out of Puzzle Pieces

Make a Rag Doll Ornament

Make Paper "Cookies" (Kid Craft)

If you would like to share a craft project (I will give full credit to all contributors) or have any comments on the projects here, please email me by clicking the button below.

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