I was born November 14, 1943, in my parents home on the Squab Hollow Road in Troupsburg, Steuben County, New York.  In the spring of 1946 I became ill and was diagnosed as having leukemia. I was given experimental drugs and spent several weeks in St. James Hospital in Hornell, NY. A few months later the doctors decided they must have been wrong with the diagnosis and decided I had "Glandular Fever" which had the same symptoms as Leukemia.
   I started working on farms around Troupsburg when I was 13 years old. I was paid $15 a week plus room and board. I attended Troupsburg Central School graduating in June of 1962.  I then went to the New York State Ranger School at Wanakena, New York.  After graduation in February, 1964, I went to work for a surveying company and traveled all over the eastern states including New Jersey, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Maryland and upstate New York.
    On May 12, 1965, I was drafted into the U.S. Army and sent to Ft. Dix, NJ for basic training.  Upon graduation from basic training, I was promoted to Pvt. E-2 and given a commendation for being the best marksmen in the Regiment. I was then sent to Fort Gordon, Georgia for training as a Military Policeman.  I was also stationed at  Fort Lee, Va. and Fort Benning, GA during my 2 years in the Army and never left the Eastern USA. I attained the rank of Specialist 4th class and received an Honorable  Discharge on May 11, 1967. For the next three months I worked for a construction company  in Alfred, New York helping to build up the college.
    I was hired by the City of Hornell, New York as a policeman on August 28, 1967.  On October 1, 1976 I was honored to be presented  with the "Third Annual Award for Outstanding Courage."  Myself and partner Thomas Gibbs discovered a fire at the Sunshine Motel and awakened several guests and lead them to safety.  During the course of my 20 year career, I had the uncommon distinction of arresting 2 men on separate occasions and charging them with the "attempted murder of a Police Officer". That being me.  While a Police Officer I was the Public Relations Officer and started a collection of police shoulder patches from all over the world. Today the Department has several hundred on display in the station. In 1984 I was promoted to Sergeant. In April 1986 I was injured in the line of duty and retired in August 1987 as a result.
     After taking some time off I returned to work as a Site Commander for Pinkerton Security in 1989. I then took a job with Burns Security in July 1990 and became a Captain and head of Security for Taylor Wine Co. in Hammondsport, NY. In April 1995 I took a job with Steuben County Social Services and still work there as a "Community Services Worker.
      My wife, Helen and I live on Third St., Canisteo, NY with one child and have several notebooks full of genealogy.  We also have a data base of over 65,000 people. We use Brothers Keeper and Family Tree Maker to store and print our information. We also have more than 25 of the Family Tree Maker CD's for research. Let us know if we can help. If you are near or may be passing by please stop and see us. updated 01/03/2007

My Family
Joshua (20), Matthew (15)
Laura (4), my wife, Helen and myself, George



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