I couldn't have a web site without highlighting some of the wonderful sites I have found during my search for different family names.  Genealogy is a never ending search for that elusive link in our families history, and with the help of just some of these sites I have been able to add numerous information into my families history.  You might also want to check them out, and you too might find the link you have been looking for.

Sawyer  Genealogy  Homepage
A "Sawyer" Genealogy Site Good for Research

Van Gorder/Van Gorden  Genealogy  Home  Page
My Wife's Family Genealogy Page

Laura's  Pageant  Page
My Daughter's Story Of Her Beauty Pageants

Dean  Sawyer's  Genealogy  Page
My Nephew's Sawyer Family History Page

North & South  Carolina  Sawyer's
Genealogy From One Of  My Neighbors In Heartland

Steuben  County, New  York
Looking For Something In Steuben County, New York?

Painted Hills Genealogy  Society
A great Genealogy resource for the Counties In Southwestern New York  and
Northwestern Pennsylvania

Tim Walker's Genealogy  on  the  Web
Bowman Family Genealogy Page w/Related Families

Kimball  Genealogy, Site 1
A Source for Searching the Kimball Family Name

Kimball  Genealogy, Site 2
The Main Kimball Research Site

Rowley  Genealogy  Page
A Great "Rowley" Family Genealogy Source

Sprague  Genealogy  Page
Dick Weber's Genealogy Database

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