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All 1st level characters start with four skill slots. Characters who have an INT bonus recieve one new slot for each bonus. Every four levels after 1st (5th, 9th, 13th, etc.), the character gains a new skill slot. All of the initial (1st level) slots must be filled with different skills. Any new slots earned can be filled with either a new skill, or used to enhace an existing skill.

When using a skill, roll a d20 against the corresponding ability. When trained in a skill, Ability penalties do not, and Ability bonuses do apply. Both the modifier and the target score is based on the modified number. For example: if an elf with a DEX of 12 and the Riding (equine) skill is trying to stay on a spooked horse, he must roll a 13 (his modified score) or below with a d20-1 (his modified bonus).

Characters may still attempt to use a skill he is not trained in. When doing so, he simply rolls an Ability check. In this case Ability bonuses do not apply, however, penalties still do. Certain skills assume specific trained knowledge. In this case, although a character can attempt to use the skill, the results will be quite often lackluster. As an example, when using Alternate Magics untrained, a successful check might indicate that the spell that the enemy magic-user just cast was indeed a magical spell as opposed to a clerical one.

Skill Descriptions

STR |  INT |  WIS |  DEX |  CON |  CHA

Strength Skills

Intimidation: Description.

Muscle: Description.

Wrestling: Description.


Intelligence Skills

Alchemy: Description.

Alternate Magics: Description.

Art (type): Description.

Artillery: Description.

Craft (type): Description.

Disguise: Description.

Engineering: Description.

Fire-Building: Description.

Healing: Description.

Hunting: Description.

Knowledge (type): Description.

Labor: Description.

Language (type): Description.

Lip Reading: Description.

Magical Engineering: Description.

Mapping/Cartography: Description.

Military Tactics: Description.

Mimicry: Description.

Nature Lore: Description.

Navigation: Description.

Planar Geography: Description.

Profession (type): Description.

Science (type): Description.

Shipbuilding: Description.

Signalling (type): Description.

Snares: Description.

Survival (terrain): Description.

Tracking: Description.

Veterinary Healing: Description.


Wisdom Skills

Animal Training (type): Description.

Art (type): Description.

Bravery: Description.

Caving: Description.

Ceremony (patron): Description.

Danger Sense: Description.

Detect Deception: Description.

Gambling: Description.

Law & Justice (culture): Description.

Mysticism: Description.


Dexterity Skills

Acrobatics: Description.

Alertness: Description.

Blind Shooting: Description.

Cheating: Description.

Escape: Description.

Mountaineering: Description.

Piloting (type): Description.

Quick Draw: Description.

Riding: Description.

Stealth: Description.


Constitution Skills

Endurance: Description.

Food Tasting: Description.


Charisma Skills

Acting: Description.

Bargaining: Description.

Deception: Description.

Leadership: Description.

Music (type): Description.

Persuasion: Description.

Singing: Description.

Storytelling: Description.


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