Welcome to our site, before you enter take time to read this page, this is where we tell you the updates and changes we make so that you dont have to go over the same things searching for yourself, if you dont want to, but if your like us then you wont mind any wayzzzzzzz.
latest updates are
clik the pic to enter Gareth Gates rocks!
20th October:
firstly let us apologise for not updating lately, but wev had major problems with both server and pc so it could not be avoided, but now were back and ready to do a major update.
we have so much stuff to do its unbelievable but thats what you get for being the number 1 fan of the worlds greatest pop idol:).
ok, so heres the latest update so far,

we've added over 500 pics to the new gallery, some of them are so hot you just can't  miss looking at them. we still have loads more to add and also posters to add and tour pics too.

. still not found a ringtone for anyone of us that actually sounds like it yet, so if youv got it please send it.

please note that our email addy has now changed, do not send anything to the old bt adress as we will not get it!
keep sending us your stuff we love getting all your emails:)
we would appreciate your votes if you think this site is worth it, and thanx to everyone who has already voted, but you can vote more than once;)

If you would like to be informed when we update this site send us an email to let us know, please put updates as the subject!
thanx again and come back soon.
                                                     Emma and Zoe xxx
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