I Am a Practitioner of Wicca and Shamanism , Elcetic Circles I Do Follow.
Green Magic  Especialy. 
Img of nature GoddesPrimal Image of Nature GoddesNature God Symbol
 Nature Is to be Respected And Revered.
Magic Both In Ritual and For purpose is also to be respected  
Other Religions May use magical Rituals but , call it a Miricle of the holy spirt or what have you.
I.E. Catholic Mass Turning bread into a 2000 year old Dead Guy to much upon
Wiccan Rede (Code of Ethical Witchery)
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Magikal Scripts
Seax-runes    Theban (the witches alphabet) Daggers  Pictish Runes  Pictish Swirl  Malachim Ogham Angelic "Enochian"
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Witch Fonts  Runic fonts (and for you Lord of the Rings Fans)
also a Macro for using Runic font in word
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Theban;Runes; Greek text dagger script and other systems of arcane writing
<>Magikal Scripts
Here are a few sample alphabets, please note that they have been bastardized a bit into English, most if not all are actually from the Hebrew alphabet but you can use them in English to encrypt your B.O.S.


Theban (the witches alphabet)

Tradition Script Form

Alt version  with type faced Glyphs

Daggers(another Wiccan alphabet)

Pictish Runes

Pictish Swirl (another version)


Ogham  (English Celtics)


Here is an alphabet based on the



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