The Michael Freedman Archive

The works presented in this part of the site are the products of the late Michael Freedman, Grand Master of the Society of Guardians. Some were presented on Alt.magick, some on PRAXIS (the list for practicing magicians in the Hermetic tradition), while a few are gleaned from various net locations. They are presented here with the kind permission of Et Custosi Tutelae.

Building the Tree of Life in the Aura

Cube of Space

Lunar Magick

The Tides of Time


The Art of Memory

Bruno's "Images"

The Inverse Pentagram

Swastika & Sauwastika


On Talismans

5 Principles of Magick

Finger Magic

Tehnical Mysticism

High and Low Magick

Twin Pillars

Sanctuary Tap

Seven Steps of the Way

Folly of the Way

The Middle Way

The Religious Way

The Magickal Way

Letters 1

Letters 2

Letters 3

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