The Art of Kay and Lucas Steele
*Please note, if you are offended by artistic depictions of the nude human form, please do not continue into the gallery
Since the beginning of humankind, man has used artwork as a form of expression and communication. 

The artwork of the ancients has given us great insight into their culture and their faith.  We do the same thing, despite the fact that art is rarely considered anything more than pretty pictures or things these days; it means more to us than that.
Our artwork is very different, although we sometimes work together to create something even better than we could alone.  The gallery will continue to grow and change as time goes on.

Kay makes paintings and drawings of various types, everything from spiritual to high fantasy to portraits of people and animals, as well as wildlife and custom artwork.

Lucas creates objects out of natural materials, items like smudge fans, staffs and ceremonial costumes. 
Kay's Gallery
Lucas's Gallery
All Gallery content is protected by copyright of the artist.  Artwork is NOT available for use as tubes, stationary, cross-stich patterns, etc.
If you are interested in or have questions about anything in the gallery, please email
Our Combined Efforts
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