America's  Working   Collies
To learn more about the old Scotch Collies of the UK - from where the McDuffie dogs are descended

FoxCreek Farm Collies: Home of
Jake and Felecia litters

FoxCreek Farm Collies: Home of
Liam Farley

FoxCreek Farm Collies: Home of  Chief (brother to Jake) and  Llewella Felecia (aka,Pepper, granddaughter of Jake/Felecia).

Dream Dancer Collies: Cookie and TahTay pages and Cookie/TahTay's Autumn 2002 litter

Roberta Swiatek, 'Just Horsin' Around FarmCollies',  'Ellie' and 'Rufus' Page
Ellie is daughter of Jake/Felecia).

William and Kris Rieger Farmcollies
Natasha and Sadie pages: (daughter and granddaughter of Jake/Felecia)

More Links
Here you will find links to a nationwide group of people who have been working to bring back or recreate the old type of working 'Scottish or Highland Collies'  found on smallholdings and farms in England;  Wales;  Scotland; Ireland; and in the in the U.S. in the late 1800's.

A group devoted to preserving the wonderful working skills
and gentle temperment of the Working Scottish FarmCollie

History of the working farmcollie and group movement to bring them back  - The old-fashioned Collie

A Topica Discussion group devoted to sharing information about the working Scottish farmcollie breed.

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