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      I started writing this story a couple of months ago. It's a romance about Paul. (I mean a Paul story wouldn't be nearly as fun without romance) Anyroad, It's about this girl who travels back in time and meets the Beatles. I know what you're thinking, oh that same old story, crappy. But you know what I tried not to make it so ecki and plus this ones differnt and I might have used the same sorta plot as the others but new plots are hard to come by, all fan fictions now have the same plot practically. But a lot of people seem to like mine so. Ok back to my explination. She meets the Beatles and her and Paul hit it off right away. They fall in love quickly but somthing happens to make her doubt her opinion of Paul in the first place. This is comming along pretty OK if I do say so myself. Updates: this is how it goes. I update a lot. I consider my updates to be maybe the fastest in the Paul fan fiction world. Because I hate those stories that you LOVE and then they dont update a chapter for like 3 months it's like "come on!" So I'm trying to avoid that as much as I can. I am busy but I love writing this so, I try to get time in. I update on an average of 1 chappy a week. Sometimes I'm really busy and cant do it. I'm sorry bout those times. OK I LOVE to hear what you guys think so if you would please sign my dreambook that would be awesome. If you want to you can Email me anytime. I check my email frequently. I love talking to my readers so You can IM me(FoolOnTheHill42) or Email me(click on logo at bottom of page which reads "Email me") whenever you want. I'm trying to turn this into an awesome Beatles site. And it will be. Someday. So bare with me. Thank you all so much. Hope you like my story.

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