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In the future the world we know does not exist.  The last world war left the surface of the Earth in ruins.  The cause behind this war was a single man calling himself Abbadon, him and his supporters, whom he called The Sovereignty of Abbadon, arose from this devastating war victorious.  Abbadon rose to power and marked his triumph by declaring it Sovereign Year 001.  Less than 15 years after man populated the skies using huge floating cities called Citadels. 
     Time moved on.

     It is SY 327, the population of The Sovereignty of Abbadon has increased drastically while the surface of the earth is inhabited by the descendants of the survivors of the last world war, criminals and others cast out of the citadels.  The Earth's magnetic field, the force responsible for keeping the massive floating Citadels from crashing to Earth, is unable to support any more of the gigantic structures.  In a bold move the present leader of the Sovereignty, Appollyon, decides to establish a military presence on Earth in order to "disinfect" and repopulate the surface.

     Thus begins the story of our Fallen Angels.

How's it going Jango here if you visit our site feel free to help us out.  We need ideas for code names or nicknames for a few characters in the bios section.  Sebastian and Leon are lacking code names if you have any ideas please feel free to e-mail them to me at be sure to list the subject as Name Game.

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Thanks for all the fan support. Jango is almost finished with his issue and it features a turely breathtaking fight sence and more story development with hints at Deogee and Jackels "Past". Come back soon! (;
Fallen Angels Comic

Okay, It's been awhile.....years actually....anyway, we're still working with the story and I'm currently trying to find a better place to build a great site the story is still going strong and will try to update soon. Thanks for visiting(:
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