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Welcome! Step back in time with me and find interesting information, pictures, videos, records, and helpful links all about the first recorded sounds of Edison, Columbia, Pathe, and Victor phonographs! Also. Below is a link which I have found to be very interesting which is the Cylinder Preservation and Digitalization Program. At this website, you can search for different cylinder records in their library (including concert records) and listen to the recorded media file of the record. If you would like to access the Talking Machine Forum, click on the designated link below. If you would like to view my Youtube channel where I upload videos weekly of cylinder records out of my collection, click on the designated link below. If you would like to visit my other website, The Edison Standard Sound Archives, click on the link below listed as "www.edisonstandard.com". If you would like to find out more interesting information about phonographs, please click on either of the two links below listed as "www.cylinder.de" and "www.phonozoic.com". If you would like to contact me, please visit my Contact Me page. On The Cylindating page, you will find basic cylinder record dating. On the EarlySingers page, you will find information on some of the early record singers such as Billy Murray. On the FirstPhono page you will find a picture of the first phonograph in my collection. On the RareModels page, you will find a few of the rare phonograph models. On The PhonoAds page, you will find pictures and descriptions of some antique phonograph ads.



Helpul Links


Talking Machine Forum




Cylinder Preservation Program

Cylinder Record of the Week


Kiss Me, My Honey, Kiss Me

Sung by Billy Murray and Ada Jones

released in 1913

Blue Amberol record # 1634



      Please click on the record title and click on the first "mp3 file" one the media page to listen. To play the record, you must either have Quicktime or Windows 

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The cylinder record of the week may not be updated weekly if Im to busy. Otherwise, it should be changed every Sunday.




Most Recent of My Uploaded Videos






   If you would like to contact me, either for questions or comments, you can go to the Contact Me page or e-mail me at energ15@yahoo.com

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