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Whilst the foods I eat are based on the Body For Life authorised list, I tend to make high protein, moderate carb, low fat changes. This is partly due to the fact that I am a demi-vegetarian only eat fish/seafood and not any other meat. Also not everything mentioned in the book is available in England.

Foods I occasionally consume that are not on the list include:

I also love to blend foods together so they end up looking like baby food but my take is that they are easier to digest!! A current favourite meal is a tin of red salmon blended with @100g of Broccoli and 2 mini corn cobs on the side.

As my first programme progressed I realised the usefulness of the EAS Myoplex Lite & Low-Carb bars and eventually Myoplex Reaty To Drink shakes. Using these allowed me to reduce my preparation time and the number of plastic bowls etc I had to take into work each day, the downside being the cost!

Throughout the programme I have always incorporated the weekly off day, whereas I have read others have forgone it. I believe it stops me from cheating through the week and also allows me to promise myself a bad food that I get a craving for on my off day. However I still tend to watch what I eat and usually eat badly for just one meal where it may be a pizza or takeaway food.

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