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We don't care if Britney Spears, Jlo, and Christina Aguilera came along "Out Of The Blue", Deborah Gibson and her fans are "Staying Together" because we know where to find a little "Electric Youth", "Anything Is Possible" with Deborah she's always "One Step Ahead" with her name up in "Colored Lights", she has our "Love Or Money" we're with her "For Better Or Worse", but that just comes "Naturally" and if you don't want to go "Down That Road" then you can just go "M.Y.O.B"!!!

Welcome to Debheadz.com the fan created, sole focused, DIVA Deborah Gibson International fansite since August 2000!

Here @ Debheadz.com you will find the latest news, and information about Deborah Gibson. Hopefully you will be informed enough when you leave this site about Deborah Gibson, that you will appreciate, and understand there is a real person there with God given talent, who used to be named Debbie, with a real voice, can look beyond the stereotypes, and HEAR her music speak for itself. The purpose of Debheadz.com is to establish an International, and informative online community for ALL fans of Broadway Star, actress, singer, songwriter, producer, owner of her own record label, true Diva herself Deborah Gibson, aka the Original Pop Princess Debbie Gibson.

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