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Dear Birthparent(s),
     Welcome to our website. We know that you have come to visit because you are considering placing your baby for adoption. Let us begin by thanking you for allowing us to share our family and life with you. Our prayer is that by the time you are finished viewing this site, you will feel comfort in knowing us a little better.
      We believe that adoption can be a beautiful relationship between two families that want the best life imaginable for your special little one. We know how much love it takes to make this decision and we are so honored to even be considered. We have known of our desire to add to our family for sometime now. You will always be their mother that carried them and gave them life and we promise that he/she will always know how much they are loved by you. You will forever be a special part of our family.
      We have no idea who our future child will be, but we do know that we love them already. From the moment we made our decision to adopt, We have carried them in our hearts. We think of them daily, dream of who he/she will be, what they will look like, the things they will do and who his/her special bithmother will be.
      We are a very fun, loving, stable, moral family waiting to begin sharing a special bond with you. Our promise to you is that we will love your baby with all our hearts, provide for their needs, keep them safe, help them feel secure, be there to listen and understand,  lead them in the right paths, make sure they get a good education, and encourage all their dreams to become realities.
      It would be our honor to talk with you about your adoption plan. We are open to sending photos, letters, and willing to discuss any other requests. We hope that in doing this, it would lesson your pain and bring joy to you.
     We look forward to meeting you and your family if you would like. Our prayer is that God will guide you to the right family. May you find peace in your decision. Listen to your heart.

With Love and Hope,
Kelly, Donna,
Keli Dawn, Jonathan, and Zachary
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