Dawn's Astrology &New Age
By: Dawn

I am what is called an Indigo adult.  I'm a Light Worker.Very spiritual though I do not attend any church. I can predict past present and future. Pregnancies and deaths. I have strong healing abilities. I can predict thunderstorms and hurricains. My body becomes electrified, fatigued ,numb, and tingly, I also anger easily.These symptoms are connected to planetary movements activating my DNA. In October 2005, just before my 40th birthday I had this overwhelming idea that I was going to die.I wanted to make peace with everyone.I had this need to forgive others,to pray constantly,very strange premonitions that came true.  Wanted to help everybody. I started medating more and more.Spoke with my guides and the answer I got was astonshing. My ego- self is dying and to let go of it for it didn't matter anymore. I was reborn the old me was no longer needed. September 2006 yet another episode of those urgent needs my body being electriclly charged. I knew that Florida would have a hurricaine. It did but it wasn't bad, when it passed I felt better. I have accepted that it is part of being  my higher self my true self
I 'm in tune with the universe , plants , people,animals especially birds.

I was born Jan 16,1966  At 12:15 AM ,Woonsocket, RI, USA.My son Derek is an Indigo also he was born Dec.5,1991 At 3:34 PM Providence,RI USA. He and I communicate telepathically. Both have Air ascendants Libra and Gemini. The  other websites might be off in their predictions of when the Indigo's and Crystals incarnated, but thats OK.


I was diagnosed with  different mental illness as a child because I had visions saw ghosts knew things.My son is diagnosed with OCD, Aspergers, ADD. We meet the criteria. But you know what being an Indigo is only a lable to me, I dont care what others think, all I know is that I as well as my son are here to better humanity,to prepare others for the New World.Which is to be more spiritual and united. To live in the Divine light of God is the most powerful emotional gift. Letting of of negativity, ego-self, to love everything God created unconditionally, letting go of hurt and pain of the past, prayer and medatation  Listen to your guides spirit and animals.Become your Higher Self it is a wonderful journey.
All Gods are One. LOVE AND LIGHT TO ALL.





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