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The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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Here it is, the first 3D Zelda game! So how does it stack up against the others, and was it worth the long wait Nintendo made us go through? Read on to find out.


The Zelda games have never really thrived on story. The amazing gameplay is what makes the games shine. I have to say though, that for a Zelda game, or any game for that matter, its story line is very well written. Sure it's the traditional tri-force Zelda story, but it is presented much better than in any of the previous Zelda games.


The transition from the traditional overhead view, to a fully 3D environment, was done perfectly in this game. The classic Zelda gameplay is all there, and several new elements have been added. One of the main features that makes the game play so well is the new targeting system. When the Z trigger is pushed, Link targets the nearest enemy, and can easily attack it. This feature prevents many possible camera problems as well.


The graphics in this game are simply beautiful. Especially for the Nintendo 64 , a system that is infamous for its cartridge format, which doesn't have much space to store full motion video.


The music in this game does a great job of lending to the game's atmosphere. My only complaint is that the classic Zelda music was taken out.

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