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Black Rampant Lion
The Clan Buchanan was at Loon Mountain in force for the 2006 New Hampshire Higland Games celebrating the games return to Lincoln, NH.   The Clan  is proud to have received the MacDonald-Elie Trophy for Best Clan Tent.
The Clan Buchanan at the NHHG
Some of our many Clan members gather for a picture at the New Hampshire Highland Games.
Comm. Byrne greets John Rankin, British Consul-General
HM British Consul-General, John Rankin (R) visits the Clan Buchanan at the New Hampshire Highland Games.
Clan tent is busy
The Clan tent was always busy on a "soft" September day.
Conveners celebrate Best Tent award
The tent conveners display the MacDonald-Elie Trophy for Best Clan Tent
L-R:  David Byrne, New England Commissioner, Richard Byrne Connecticut Regent
Madeline Byrne and Daryl Byrne - Yes it was a family effort, but that is what Clanship is all about! 
We also thank all the "Buchanans" that helped make our tent a vibrant
and lively tent for the judges to see.
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