The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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In the vast, deep forest of Hyrule...
Long have I served as the guardian spirit. I am known as the Deku Tree.
The children of the forest, the Kokiri, live here with me.
Each Kokiri has his or her own guardian fairy.
However, there is one boy who does not have a fairy...

Young Link and Navi The boy this living tree refers to is the Kokiri named Link. Bullied by many of his friends due to his lack of a fairy, Link yearns for the day when he will finally have a fairy to call his own.

Yet Link's lack of a fairy brings about a very interesting question: a magical air which blows through the Lost Woods means that when anyone other than a Kokiri enters the Woods, they become monsters. Why then is Link, in his pre-teens, still in his human form? Should not he be transformed into a monster and live among the grotesque outcasts who have dared enter the forest?

But all of that is about to change, when the Great Deku Tree orders the fairy, Navi, to become Link's guardian fairy. Navi meets with Link, who adds that the Deku Tree wishes to see Link immediately.

And so begins an adventure which will span seven years, take Link far from his home, and put the fate of the entire world in his hands...

What now follows is a series of walkthroughs so that you may guide Link safely through to the completion of his destiny. I know some people may only wants hints, so I have some General Advice which won't reveal any specifics. Also, each area has some of its own more detailed hints, and what follows is that area's walkthrough. Good luck!

Ocarina of Time Guides
Young Link's Walkthroughs
Adult Link's Walkthroughs
Overworld Areas
The Lost Woods
Hyrule Field
Lon Lon Ranch
Hyrule Town
Hyrule Castle
Kakariko Village
Death Mountain
Zora's Domain
Lake Hylia
Gerudo Valley
Desert Colossus
The Lost Woods
Hyrule Field
Lon Lon Ranch and the Obstacle Course
Hyrule Town
Ganon's Castle
Kakariko Village
Death Mountain
Zora's Domain
Lake Hylia
Gerudo Valley and the Marathon
Gerudo's Fortress and the Horseback Archery Range
Haunted Wasteland
Desert Colossus
Underworld Areas
Inside the Deku Tree
Dodongo's Cavern
Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly
Bottom of the Well
Spirit Temple
Forest Temple
Fire Temple
Ice Cavern
Water Temple
Shadow Temple
Thieves' Hideout
Gerudo Training Ground
Spirit Temple
Inisde Ganon's Castle
Ganon's Tower

Other Info

Link the Archer Remember to read of the General Advice section for a series of non-specific walkthroughs and clarification on things like Link's moves and how to use weapons. I also have a Links Section so you can visit other Zelda 64 sites on the web.
This is a role-playing game, so hearing the Complete Story can be just as important as learning how to complete the game. The background of the Cast of Characters is also pretty good.
Since you start the game with nothing but the clothes on your back, you'll need to know the locations for all the items in Young Link's Inventory and Adult Link's Inventory. Don't forget about the Ocarinas and the Bottles!
One of the greatest features of this game is being able to ride Epona the horse. Another mini-quest you'll have to complete is the Event Item Trading, both being very important.
Something you'll also need to know in order to become one of the most powerful warriors of Hyrule are the locations of all the Pieces of Heart and Gold Skulltula!
It would also be important to learn the secrets of the mysterious Gossip Stones, and find all of the Hidden Stuff (of which Zelda 64 consists of 30-40%).
But if none of that is in your style, you can simply lay back and relax at Lake Hylia's Fishing Farm. Or maybe you'd like to blow all your cash during one massive Shopping Day?

Cyber Predator's Records
Gold Skulltula found: 47 collected on my own, and another 5 located but I didn't have the necessary items to kill them. Note that I used a guide to find the reminaing Skulltula, so any others collected are invalid.
Biggest fish caught: 11 pounds as Young Link, 20 pounds as Adult Link. I didn't use a sinking lure for either catch.
Horseback Archery: Scored 1 920 points.
Marathon Time: one minute, eight seconds
Obstacle Course Time: 48 seconds.
Race with Dampé: 58 seconds.
Pieces of Heart found: 23 that I found all on my lonesome, and another two I spotted but couldn't get. Since I used a guide to find the rest, I can't include them in this tally.

Site Information
Basically, the one-stop area you can get all the information possible is the Zelda64 FAQs and Walkthroughs from GameFAQs. I found The Crippler's guide to be the most helpful of the lot. A GIF map from Everything Zelda64 helped in making the Bottom of the Well guide. Prima's Official Strategy Guide, a hard-copy publication, had the Frog Chorus's tune and information used in the Shopping database. The images on this site were scanned from the game's manual (except for the Webring graphics, of course).

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Copyright Disclaimer

This guide has been published on the web, text written and formatted by Cyber Predator. Because it's published it is protected by copyright. You can use the Zelda64 Collection for research purposes (use the information but put it into your own words) if you credit this site. You can't do a word-for-word copy unless you have permission from Cyber Predator and you say it's Cyber Predator's work and not your own. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me.

Anything you find in the Zelda64 Collection that's copyrighted by anyone other than Cyber Predator remains the property of its original owner: Cyber Predator is only giving information about these copyrighted entities that the copyright owners aren't making very public.

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