Cockatiel of The Week
This is my brand new page on "Cockatiel of The Week."
Once a week I will choose a
Cockatiel picture and description of the bird.  This week I put my own bird, "Sam." To send me a picture of your bird, just e-mail me with the name of the bird, how old he/she is, what breed she/he is, and the a description of the bird, how you got it, and why you love your cockatiel so much!
Here's a sample of my bird:

Name: Sam
Age: 5yrs.
Breed: Pearl Pied

Hi, my name is Sam, and I am a Pearl Pied. My mommy got me 5yrs. ago for her 10th birthday. When she got me I was very scared, but after awhile I really got attached to her because we played together all the time. About two years ago, I was outside with her and I got spooked by a rain drop. I flew off and landed on top of a house. It was very scary, but then mommy and grandpa rescued me by spraying me with a hose, (which was very cold!). Now I live with her still happily ever day! 

Hope you enjoy, and can't wait to post new pictures!

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