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ANASTASIA - In 1912, Anastasia is the only surviving child of the Romanovs, the Russian Royal Family.  The only problem is, she lost her memory.  In a quest to find out about her past she hooks up with two con men, Dimitri & Vladimir.   Meanwhile the undead Rasputin, who cursed her family, wants her dead. . 
MULAN - In ancient China, Mulan is the unorthodox daughter of an honored family, but when the Huns invade China, Mulan decides to go to battle in her father's place to prove herself.  Mushu, a small dragon, and a lucky cricket aide Mulan in war, but when her true identity is discovered she will risk everything to save China.
THE PRINCE OF EGYPT - This is the biblical story of Moses. In ancient Egypt, Moses grows up believing he is a Prince of Egpyt and with a close relationship with his brother, Rameses.  But when Moses finds out he is a Hebrew, he starts a new life elsewhere. But God speaks to him, He has chosen Moses to deliver his people. And Moses must confront the new Pharaoh . . . . Rameses. 
THE LION KING - The future lion king, Simba, & his best friend, Nala, are adventurous cubs.  But Simba's evil Uncle Scar wants to be king, so he sets up Simba to believe he killed his father, Mufasa.  Simba flees the Pride Lands and grows up with two new friends, Pumbaa & Timon.  But when an old friend reappears, Simba must face his past & take his rightful place as King.
THE ROAD TO EL DORADO - Tulio & Miguel are two con-men who come across the legendery map of El Dorado, while pulling of a con.  When they finally reach the city of gold, they are worshipped as gods for their appearance.  Chel is a native girl who helps them, and an adventure unravels that brings Tulio & Miguel even closer together.
TOY STORY - Ever wonder what toys do when your not looking?  Woody has always been Andy's favorite toy, but when a new toy, Buzz Lightyear, takes his place, Woody accidentally pushes Buzz out the window and Woody is accused of having killed him. Woody has to find Buzz and get both of them home.  But on their trek back home, the two toys run into all sorts of problems, but also learning to be friends.
SHREK - The greatest fairytale never told.  Shrek, on ogre, & a talking donkey go on a quest to rescue a Princess, for the midget: Lord Farquaad, in order to get his swamp back. Shrek is a loner and the donkey will do anything but keep quiet, this odd pair, along with Princess Fiona find out the true meaning of love and what's on the inside.  
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