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The Smiths And Morrissey
I was hooked on The Smiths the first time I heard "This Charming Man" on my stereo.The Smiths were the most influential band of the 80's. The Smiths came out of Manchester, England in 1984 and had an amazing impact on the music scene. The Smiths songs were a collaboration between Morrissey lyric's and Johnny Marr's melodies. Moz's lyrics are literate and always have a emotional impact on me. Johnny Marr is a musical genuis whose guitar playing has few peers. After the break-up of the band, Morrissey has had a good solo career. "Viva Hate" and "Your Arsenal" are my personal faves. Johnny Marr has recorded with Matt Johnson's the THE and created Electronic with Barney Sumner of New Order. The Healers is Marr's current project. Johnny also produces and does session work with Billy Bragg, Kirsty MacColl and others.

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Vision On publishing are proud to present the release of the new Smiths photographic collection by Kevin Cummins. This book undoubtedly contains some of the best photography of the band ranging from publicity stills to their gigs all around the world, that we feel is a must for any Smiths fan. To visit the Vision On website click the link or the cover image.

It has been reported that Moz is in Los Angeles recording. He signed a deal with Sanctuary is June 2003.

For the latest news visit Morrissey-Solo.

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