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Welcome to what is, and is intended to be, the most random collection of stuff to do with rowing on the internet. It's totally disorganised, mostly (illegaly) stolen or copied and just general cack. Browse at will, click on whatever you want, and see where it takes you. Welcome to the wonderful world of Macon Mayhem!

another Somerville blade

OK, let's start with a little "spot-the-similarity".
Cambridge Blues boat v Somerville College, Oxford, Women's 4th VIII...
Tab blues boat
Somerville W4
Got it yet?
Yes, that's right. The little Somerville girlies row with the exact same blades as the Tabs used in the 1999 Boat Race. No wonder Oxford beat them! Although, maybe there is something good about those Crokers: you try finding me another fourth VIII on the Isis that qualified for Torpids this year, or, for that matter, another college that had six crews qualify. Yay for Somerville! We even won the College Championships that they ran instead of Torpids once the weather cleared up! But that was with Drehers, the same blades as used by the winning Oxford Blues crew!
How about all that for coincidence?

Yes, it's another one. Click on me!

Now for some proof that I am not the only totally and utterly mad boatie on the planet. I mean, for that you really have to look no further than some of my friends, but here is real, definitive proof, stolen from a very reliable source.
This little cartoon was published in the meg@ supplement of The Times the day of the Boat Race. See what you think...

'Loopy Zoo' cartoon

So, that's what happens without a cox, you fall over waterfalls. I am a great advocate of all things coxy for the simple reason that I am a cox! Or, as one of my friends put it, "a member of the association of gossips, otherwise known as coxes". Is this symptomatic of coxes everywhere, or just at Somerville?
vote here!

yup. Another blade.

Now for something a slightly more sensible. With "slightly" being the operative word!
This is a quote from a former Oxford blues coach...

inspirational quote

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Suppose I should start another page really. It's terribly bad netiquette to put too much on one. But here's a little initiative test... let's see if you can find the link to the next page! It shouldn't be terribly hard, but be warned, it'll get harder from here on...

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