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Members of the Swamp Dragons
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SVR Event Photos
Mailing Address is:
  Company "A" West Virginia Home Guard
   HC 59 Box 151
  Petersburg, WV. 25402
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Co "A"Events List
Web site last updated January 26, 2008
Company A West Virginia Home Guard
We the Swamp Dragons protectors of the weak, defenders of the Union and the Greast State of West Virginia as well as the hated scurge of the
Local Confederate Bushwackers & Murderer Rangers.
We of Company A West Virginia Home Guard SVR do ceremonies, living histories, and parades to honor our forefathers who defended the Union and
the State of West Virginia and its citizens from the ever threat of Confederate Troops, Bushwakers, Murderers and Thieves.

The orginal West Virginia state troops/Milia (Home Guard) refered to by friend and foe as the Swamp Dragons came from Hardey, Pendleton and Tucker Counties of Virginia/West Virginia
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