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   If I get another email asking me one of these questions, I'm going to scream!  So, please read all of this section before you email me.  Sometimes I might make an exception to this though.=)
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Q. Did you come up with all the content on your site?

A. 99% of all the information on this site is by me.  The other 1% that is not, I have recieved with permission.  Also, most of the pictures on this site I have taken from other sites (with permission, of course). 

Q. I have a cheerleading website.  Can you help me with it?

A. As much as a generous person I am (OK, maybe not), I really don't have the time.  Cheerleading practice, homework, school activities, and updating this website take up all of my time, so sorry.

Q. May I take something from you website?

A.  No!  No!  No!  Building this site was a lot of work, so take credit for something you did!  Sounds selfish?  Yeah, but I'm, well.....me!

Q. When and why did you start Cheer All Out?

A. Cheer All Out started on February 5, 2001.  Then, I deleted everything and started over on April 2, 2002.  I built this site simply because I wanted to give cheerleaders everywhere a reliable, quality, and informal cheerleading resource.

Q. Will you add more content to Cheer All Out?

A. Of course!  Even though at times my updates may be spaced apart, things will be added as long as Cheer All Out exists.

As long as I recieve emails, this page will be updated on a regular basis. 
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