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Scotland's Homecoming and Gathering 2009

What the upstart splinter group, Clan Cunningham International (formerly posing as Clan Cunningham USA) doesn't want you to know!

Welcome to the original and official Clan Cunningham USA. We launched this site in 1999 with the URL ClanCunninghamUSA for the benefit of all. We founded our society in 1984 only after careful research. Our convenor wrote the Lord Lyon King of Arms of Scotland on how best to represent our Clan in the absence of a chief. We were advised to represent our Clan in a manner in which our chief would approve, which we do; and to name our society, the Clan Cunningham Society of America. If you are seeking the foremost resource, and representative, for the Cunninghams who brought honor, esteem and prestige to that name for eight centuries in Scotland, you have come to the right place. As the leader of CCSA, who takes our noble ancestor's legacy seriously, I place a high value on integrity and results, holding myself and our society to high standards. Such responsibility, as they say, "takes the fun out of it," for many people; like the splinter group for example. Such folks are quite comfortable with mediocrity; the... "it's good enough for volunteer work" attitude. But there are those, like CCSA, who are compelled to aim higher. For us at CCSA who strive for excellence with the passion of our race, such pursuit, and its occasional achievement, are its own reward. But this reward comes at a price. Not only from the sacrifices of our officers, but also to those who wish to represent the vaulted esteem and high standards set by our noble Cunningham ancestors, but fall far short, falling victim to the harsh criticism kindled by that same Celtic passion. At CCSA, we consider representing the noble Cunningham legacy as a privilege which must be earned, not presumed or usurped. And we're not alone. The office of the Lord Lyon has advised against more than one society forming to represent any Clan. Nevertheless, like Milli Vanilli, a small band of splinter group imposters led by David Pickens and spokesperson C. Stevens-Cunningham rejected this advice and have been posing under the name Clan Cunningham USA to bilk what glamour and benefit they can from the Cunningham legacy to the disgrace and shame of our distinguished Clan. And like all parasites, Pickens and Jerry Lester sucked the life out of this organization before departing to form their clone splinter group where they continue their exploitation. Nevertheless, our newest member is from Pickens' home state of Tennessee; with our previous two from Scotland and South Africa! So don't be fooled by C. Stevens and her smoke and mirror facade of blogs and web link requests under the guise of their Clan Cunningham USA hoax. Stevens has the audacity on her blogs to exhort us to reconcile with this splinter group. She may as well exhort Germany to welcome back the Nazi party.

The original, genuine and upstanding Clan Cunningham society in the USA - the Clan Cunningham Society of America - welcomes Cunninghams, Scots, Irish, Celts and folks from around the world with an interest in Clan Cunningham, to our original web site. We are delighted to have you visit. We hope that you leave feeling like you just discovered a long lost relative, or just made a new friend, and come back and visit often. The Clan Cunningham Society of America, Inc. (CCSA) has been serving Clan Cunningham interests and our members over the last three decades. We are the original, the largest, and the only Clan Cunningham organization in the world, with the distinction of being formed upon the advice of, which adopted our name at the recommendation of, and with the blessing of, the Office of the Lord Lyon King of Arms in Scotland that was extended to CCSA in 1984. The spirit of Clan Cunningham continues to flourish through the participation and support of our members, which has grown in number to a world-wide membership of 899.

We continually embark on new activities, programs and projects like the granite monument to our last Clan Chief and 15th Earl of Glencairn, John Cunningham, which we commissioned, placed and dedicated on November 25, 2003 in Edinburgh; like the Civic Reception hosted by the City of Edinburgh for Clan Cunningham that same day to honor the contribution of that monument to Edinburgh by CCSA; like the first International Clan Cunningham Gathering in over 250 years at Balgonie Castle on November 27, 2003; like the 11 day Historical Sites Tour of France and the District of Cunninghame, Scotland which we organized and guided in November 2004; like the International Clan Cunningham Gathering at Stirling Castle on November 28, 2004; like the St. Andrew's Night Banquet and Gala at the French Ch�teau de Cherveux built by Robert de Conyngham in 1470, a Captain of the Scots Guard for French Kings Charles VII and Louis XI, where our members gathered with Scots and the French to celebrate the Auld Alliance and the strong Clan Cunningham ties to the ch�teau and the region; just to name a few. These activities over the last several years have made impressive strides in creating awareness that the legacy of Clan Cunningham is well remembered and celebrated by our CCSA society in the USA and beyond. We continue to make our presence known by joining in friendship and common cause with Cunninghams from our own neighborhoods, to the land of our ancestors and those to which they travelled, fought, loved and died. All that we do at CCSA serves to preserve, discover, restore, document, protect and share our rich Scottish history and Clan Cunningham heritage.

CCSA distributes our informative and entertaining quarterly newsletter, packed with full-color original photographs of the District of Cunninghame in Scotland, to current members around the world. We also publish two copywritten books, written and illustrated by member James V. Miller, one on the origins, heritage and traditions of Clan Cunningham and the other a travel guide to Clan Cunningham historical sites in Scotland and Ireland. We also have available a poster size map of the District of Cunninghame as well as a set of three color prints all created by member James V. Miller (For details see Clan Store). In addition to the establishment of our own historical and genealogical libraries, CCSA has chosen the Ellen Payne Odom Genealogical Library in Moultrie, Georgia to act as a repository for those materials meticulously collected over the years. The Odom Library is recognized as a leading repository for Scottish clan organizations across America and contains the genealogy and history of over one hundred clans.

CCSA also presented the current owners of Finlaystone with the Glencairn Arms which resides there, thanks to their generosity, as an historical marker at Finlaystone House in Langbank, Scotland. Finlaystone Country Estate was the home of the Earls of Glencairn and the Clan Cunningham Chiefs for over 400 years and is currently owned and inhabited by George MacMillan, Chief of Clan MacMillan and is open to the public.

Announcing the Clan Cunningham Tour of Historical Sites in Ireland and France 2010!

Homecoming Scotland 2009 in MAUCHLINE

Planning a trip to Scotland?
Read here before you hire a Travel Agent/Tour Provider.
ESPECIALLY Beware of McLean Scotland

Read about the Clan Cunningham Society Tour of Historical Clan Cunningham Sites in France and Scotland in November 2004 culminating with our International Clan Gathering at Stirling Castle!

High Commissioner's Status Report 2009

by Larry Augsbury, High Commissioner

Our tour of Ireland, and France has been tentatively rescheduled for 2010. Like our previous tours it is packed with interesting Cunningham activities to preserve our history, and perhaps make a little along the way. Plans are currently under way!

The last eight + years of involvement with the administration of the Clan Cunningham Society of America have been a very satisfying experience. Our new members continue to instill a fresh vitality, initiative and commitment that sustain our Clan Cunningham spirit. For example, CCSA continues to expand our ever growing online genealogy database with some new assistance from our latest Scottish member. One of the principal benefits to our members continues to be our full-color quarterly Communique newsletter packed with original photographs of our homeland, including the District of Cunninghame in Scotland, as well as our Spotlight section with color images of our members from around the country, and world, hosting and visiting our hospitality tents at festivals, marching in parades, attending Scottish Balls & Burns Suppers, and, exploring historical sites, discovering new ones, and reporting their adventures which we pass along to our members. In recent years we have taken Clan Cunningham to a much higher level. Over the last eight years, that's 32 consecutive issues, our CCSA newsletter has arrived faithfully every three months to current CCSA members with its wealth of interesting, informative and entertaining information and images.

The Clan Cunningham Society of America continues its Board of Director approved Strategic Plan goals which includes consistent, timely and responsive interaction with, and service to, its membership, and has broadened its horizons well beyond the shores of America! On behalf of Clan Cunningham in America, I accepted an invitation to address the Scottish, American and British Cunninghams at the International Clan Cunningham Gathering at Balgonie Castle in Scotland on Thanksgiving Day 2003. In addition, CCSA worked with the Edinburgh City Council and the Lord Lyon for the design of our momentous Memorial Project to our last Clan Chief and Earl of Glencairn, John Cunningham, which was erected in Edinburgh, Scotland along with the clansmen acknowledgement plaque. Then we enjoyed our exploration of historical Cunningham Sites in France and Scotland in 2004.

Although the Gathering 2009 administration has accepted the clan tent application of the ignoble splinter group, we fix our gaze back to when the Cunningham name was treated with great respect, whose chiefs' support and counsel was sought by Scotland's monarchs. And so, while the splinter group greets tourists, and marches in a parade, exploiting the deeds of others, CCSA prepares for another journey in 2010 into the past where Cunningham's left their mark centuries ago in Ireland and France! And where we shall endeavor to preserve that heritage, and leave our mark in the doing.

The past ninety-seven months have been a dramatic sojourn through a Cunningham era from which we are proud to have descended. We have broadened the scope of Clan Cunningham Society of America far beyond the numerous hospitality tents we host at Scottish/Irish festivals and games across the country.

Pascale Hime at work on the translation in Colorado To illustrate, six years ago we were contacted by Francois Redien, the owner of the Chateau de Cherveux, built by Robert de Conyngham in the middle ages! CCSA sent a copy of our first foreign language newsletter, our January 15, 2003 edition, translated into French, to Francois, and featured his chateau in our April 15, 2003 edition which included the letter written in the year 1456 from King James II of Scotland to King Charles VII of France regarding Robert de Conyngham. We worked together with him to research his Cunningham connections and prepared a specially bound French translation of the new edition of our Clan Cunningham Origins, Heritage and Traditions book, with a new chapter dedicated to the Scottish/French "Auld Alliance", as a gift, presented to him in person on November 21, 2003 by our High Commissioner at the St Andrews Gala and celebration dinner which took place at the chateau, for display and reference in the Chateau de Cherveux to inform guests of its Cunningham origins. Pascale Hime, pictured at right, was a graduate student at the University of Colorado, Boulder, while she completed the translation, and is a native speaker of both French and English. The book is beautifically bound in leather with the Glencairn Arms in gold-foil stamped on its cover.

Occasionally, a question arises when our kin, spanning the globe, have located us through a web site search engine like Google or Yahoo, to join our society, in order to learn more about their heritage and Clan Cunningham history with the question: Why are there two different Clan Cunningham Society web sites on the internet? What exploitation perpetrated upon Clan Cunningham by the upstart splinter group, CCUSA, do they want to cover up? Click here for the answer. Clan Cunningham Society of America, continues to forge ahead into the 21st century with a clear vision for the future of an honorable and united Clan Cunningham, and with a sharp eye back to our noble heritage and esteemed reputation. We welcome you to join Clan Cunningham and be a part of the Clan Cunningham RISING!

Want to hear how to pronounce Cunningham in Gaelic? Click on its Gaelic spelling MacCuinneagain


To preserve and promote the customs, traditions, heritage and unity of Clan Cunningham.

* To research, collect, document and share with current members our vast Cunningham genealogical library and database.

* To discover our rightful Chief and assist in having the Lord Lyon recognize the same.

* To identity, collect and preserve our Clan's historical documents, sites, tartans, music, literature and genealogical records.

* To cultivate an awareness of and appreciation for our Scottish culture, heraldry, music, customs, folklore, language, and assist in the education of Society members, and their descendants, or any other interested group in Scottish matters, past, present or future.

* To promote our Scottish heritage and inspire among our membership and future generations, the spirit and pride of our ancestors by representing the Society at Scottish Games, Festivals or any other related Gatherings.

* The Clan Cunningham Society of America, Inc. is Non-Profit, Non-Political and Non-Sectarian.

See some past CCSA Cunningham Newsletters published on Electric Scotland with photos and travel articles from the District of Cunninghame, read about the CCSA reorganization, Clan Cunningham history and much more!. Go to the membership page and join CCSA and receive your newsletter every three months and experience Scotland and Clan Cunningham heritage past and present.


Upon the death of John Cunningham, 15th Earl of Glencairn, without issue in 1796, the Earldom and our Chiefship became dormant. There have been several unsuccessful claims to the title, none of which have been able to prove their claim to the Lord Lyon Court's satisfaction.

One of our goals, with Gods help and that of our membership, is to discover who our rightful Chief may be and assist in whatever way possible in having the Earl of Glencairn, our rightful Chief, reinstated.

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Be part of the CLAN CUNNINGHAM RISING! - Volunteer as a State Commissioner. Email your High Commissioner Larry Augsbury.

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