Hey there everyone! I'm just another dorky schmo who loves gaming. Here are a few sites to look at if you're interested. If you don't know me that well, then you should. I run the Ivy and Chrome online Rifts game and also a merged Robotech Campaign. Currently, I have plenty of gamers involved but could use a few more.

I am now getting into business of reselling products for different companies. Currently, I am in the process of inquiring on computerware and electronics from a few of the far eastern companies. If you have a company and you would like to send a sample of your product to me. I would be happy to check it out and get back to you.

Those of you who have any of the same interests or questions or even something to complain about E-mail me by clicking on my pic below.

If you have ICQ, add me to your list: 22435609.

Have fun browsing!
Wardo Cook.

Rifts and N&S RPGs are all owned and liscenced by Palladium Books. This page is not used for profit; only to enhance the already exhisting suppliments and games that Palladium owns the rights to.

About the E-mail games that I'm doing, I will E-mail the information to all of those who are interested. Just get ahold of me and I can tell what to do one step at a time. Catch you all later!
Visit with some my friends and thier web pages!

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    Terrible Tara's Page

    Froggy's page

  • Froggy

    Danny Price

  • Danny's DBZ & FinalFantasy RPG
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    Crimson Death Chat Room

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  • This is where everyone can talk with most of the people that I know and chat about the topics that are fun to date.

    Here is a twisted game created by a friend of mine for your viewing pleasure. Have fun!

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