Welcome to my Sarah Brightman Webpage!

There are so many webpages and fan pages for Sarah Brightman out there I figured on doing something entirely unique! Taking the links below you can

* Take a Quiz

* Visit my page about Sarah's Album, "Dive"


* Take a look at Sarah Brightman's Closet (Pictures and my critique of Sarah's Clothes and styles )

She is a wonderful singer and her music really reflects a unique and yet traditional sound. She has wonderful taste in fashion as well.


Click Here to visit my Dive page
Click here to visit Sarah Brightman's Closet

Take the What era Sarah Brightman are you most like quiz here!! Includes Pictoral links!

* to find where I made the doll and the room scene above check my page here My dolls site * Also search there or Here to find where I found the mermaid. The background on the closet pages was modified from the room scene above.

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