This is my SwEeT LiL SiLly PaGe, and its just a doorway to my Forest of Fairies. MajiKaL places, like The MystiK Realm. Lots of pictures, JaVa games too, like the sand art one on this page. My MystiK ReaLms has one to see who You were in your past life. This is the beginning of "Somewhere to Elsewhere".
Have fun and Thanks for stopping by.

CeLeene'Adopt your own Centaur or Pixie Here!Pazata

KoKo Adopt Your Own FairyKona

Click here to visit the Forest of Fairies

Click on a color at the top. Hold the mouse button down and move it back and forth and watch the grains drift to the bottom. Click on different colors to make layers.

Enter The New World of The MyStIk Realm that has Who you were in your previous life, Mystik Gallery and Pegasus

MystiK Realm

The Wizards Chamber, The Dragons Lair, and Warrior Women are at

Ya JuST hAvEs Ta LUV's TweEty BirD

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CeNtAuRa's MaGiK WaTeRsSs
~*~ Com'N SooN~*~


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