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Mustang Tales

Q: How do you double the value of a mustang? Fill the tank with gas.

Q: Why do they put heaters in the back windows of mustangs? To keep your hands warm when your pushing it in the winter.

And for those of you wondering what FORD stands for, well here they are- FailedOnRaceDay~~~~ FoundOnRoadDead~~~~
FixedOrRepariedDaily --- That one's from Jason.
FooledOn aRotenDeal~~~~ F**kedOverRebuiltDodge~~~~from amber ForOnlyRetardedDumies~~~~from Trevor F**kersOnlyRunDownhill~~~Good one Steve!
So far i've put a k&n airfilter on it, some kinda dual exhaust and have a stage 2 FAST chip in it w/ 160 deg. thermo. I highly recomend you get a fastchip. goto, I also have a keyless entry python alarm which works very well, probably because the system is made by DEI (the same people who make viper. Do your self a favor if you want wheels like mine and (They're a RIP OFF!!!) dont order wheels from

they sent me the wrong ones and i had to pay $100 to ship the wrong ones back to them, after they received them it took them 2 weeks to send me the right ones! I've got a JVC Digifine CD player, with a 400 whatt amp hooked up to 2 12" Cadence Ultra Z subs. All courtesy of Marconi's Stereo.
Come back soon and visit me.

Save the F-Body!

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