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I live in Galliano, Louisiana. This town is located between New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico. It takes about an hour and a half to get to New Orleans and about one hour to get to Grand Isle, Louisiana which is a the only inhabited barrier island in Louisiana. Bayou Lafourche was used as the highway to the rest of the world until they invented the car. Houses were built along the bayou and boats were docked in front of the houses. After the automobile was invented, they built two roads. The first one built was on the west side of the bayou and is now La. Highway 1, a very long road. Then they built the road on the east side of the bayou which is now Highway 308. At first ferries were used so that residents could cross the bayou to get to the other side. We now have six bridges to cross the bayou. They are fine when they are working but its a nightmare when one of them goes out. I live on Hwy. 308 and the bridge near here is always broken. When my children were still living here (before they grew up and left to live with their wives and husbands and children), they had pirogues to cross the bayou when the bridge was out. I have four children and they each had their own pirogues. Not a bad way to live.


Between fifteen and twenty thousand years ago (before I was born) Lafourche Parish was formed. It was well above sea level at that time. An abundant amount of sediment was being deposited by the Mississippi River. It flowed to the west of Lafourche Parish through what is now Bayou Teche and Bayou Black. Seven thousand years ago, Lafourche parish WAS covered entirely by water. This water came from melting glaciers which caused sea level to rise.

Approximately five thousand years ago the river divided into three channels. When the river changed again, these three channels became bayous. These channels are now known as Bayou Lafourche, Bayou Sale, and Bayou Teche. Building of the Lafourche Delta started about four thousand years ago. The source of the sediment to build this delta was Bayou Terrebonne, Bayou Black, and Bayou Blue.

Bayou Blue broke out of the Lafourche Channel near Cut Off approximately two thousand years ago and built land as far east as Grand Isle. Upper and Central Lafourche were built from the older and deteriorated Teche Delta. South Lafourche developed over the past five hundred years, including the creating of the Fourchon, East Timbalier, and Grand Isles.

About one hundred years ago, the natural cycle of delta-building stopped and large amounts of land began to be lost. Since then the wet lands have experienced a net loss in land because the sediment is no longer spread over the land. With the building of levees the sediment is now channeled down the river to the Gulf of Mexico. We will continue to lose land. It cannot be stopped unless everyone agrees to have their homes flooded every year. With the new sediment being deposited, it would build up again. Do you think people will agree to have their homes flooded every year? I don't think so. So before all of this wonderful place is gone, I want to tell everyone about it. This is a wonderful place and when it is gone, the world will lose something unique and special.

Welcome to the real Cajun Country.  OF special interest would be the nostalgia pages.  I found some really nice old pictures. I wish I could find more of them...

His name is Pedro, the dancing shrimp.

It will take a long time to go through all of this site,

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Where to GO....


Before you go on, you should visit this page. If you are from south Louisiana, you will naturally presume you are a cajun. But some of you may still be cajuns and not really know it. Take the Cajun Test!! It is a True or False test. If you can answer TRUE for 50% of this test then you are a cajun at heart and will enjoy all of the other stuff on this home page.


I could not call myself a Cajun if I did not display pictures of my family. This page is filled with pictures of my children, grandchildren, and great -grandchildren and tells a little about each person. If you would like to meet them, please go there.


Cajun Grandmothers are also know for their cooking. I am a pretty good cook. Here are a few of my recipes and recipes of my friends and family. I Have given them credit for their recipes. There are some great Cajun Chinese recipes also. These are chinese recipes I have Cajunized. I have remodeled this page. You now will have no trouble printing just one recipe. Select your recipe, when it is on your screen, Press Ctrl-P and it will print you a copy. Best recipe book of all times! I will be adding more recipes soon.


There is also a page filled with links to MY favorite internet pages. Sometimes it is very hard to find what you really want on the net because there is so much to look through. If we share treasured places we have found, it will help all of us. Click here to get to the links.


I have a new page with links on it. This page has links to pages like mine. Just ordinary people making pages and linking their sites. To see their banners and to explore their sites.

6. Pictures

This is where I will be putting pictures that I take and I think they are cute or neat or I just plain like them. I hope you enjoy them!


Now lets get nostalgic. I went rummaging through closets at my mother's house in search of old pictures. I found quite a few and I am in quite a few of these very old pictures. When you go to the Nostalgia page it will allow you to select the pictures you want to see. I have one section called Unknown. I don't know the names of the people in these pictures. If you recognize anyone, let me know.


My next page is for prayer. I am a Christian and proud of it. My Church is Our Lady Of Prompt Succor in Golden Meadow. Our Priest is Father Carl Collins and his assistant is Sister Carmel.


I have received some awards. I am very proud of them and thank the givers of the awards with all my heart.

10. Cajun Card Games

Cajuns like to play cards and they also like to gamble(a little bit) so they play for a small amount of money and set limits so that no one loses much and everyone has a good time.

11. Newspaper Article About ME

Recently, unbelievable as it may seem, a local newspaper called and wanted to interview me about my interest in computers and the internet. The writer was amazed that an older person could develop web pages and knew something about the computer.

12. Good Friday Fish Fry

I wanted to share a meal with you. On Good Friday Vicki and Nathan decided to invite his mother and me to eat seafood. It was great.

13. My Great Nieces and Great Nephew

These are pictures of my great-nices,Beth and Kathy Detour, and Jennifer Atkinson. I also have two more great-nieces but I don't have pictures of them. They are Ben daughters, Katlyn and Emily. My Great nephew is Trevor. He is so cute and the apple of my brother's eye. They are all extremely lovely children.

14. The FACE

This is awesome. My brother sent me an e-mail with this URL. Follow the directions. It is so weird to watch the expressions. I hope you enjoy it. When you are finished with it, Goto the top and click on the back button.

15. Hurricane Ivan

On September 16, 2004, the Gulf coast was hit by a catagory 3 hurricane named Ivan. Thankfully, the pressure went down and it went from a cat. 5 to cat 3 before it hit. We had it good because it missed us!

This is my brother's stamp company. If you are a stamp collector, you should visit this site. He has been collecting stamps since he was a small child. His collection is extensive.


My daughter, Vicki D. Hayes, is presently a consultant for Mary Kay Products. I asked her to allow me to put this ad on my page and she said 'Yes'. Please contact her if you need some really good cosmetics.

Interested in Mary Kay Cosmetics visit:


Click HERE to see the most remarkable clock. IT is awesome.

Please sign my new guestbook and say something kind about my page. If you can help me improve it, please let me know. I can take constructive criticism. Thanks. September 12, 1999.

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