Geocaching in Tampa Bay

The Cache_Test_Dummies will be and have hidden caches throughout the Tampa Bay area.  Click on your favorite mode of transport and see where it leads you (if there is not a link yet - there will be - so keep coming back).  Remember to hit your BACK button to return to the Cache_Test_Dummies web site, & don't forget to bookmark the page.

Did you ever wonder - just who are the Cache_Test_Dummies - we are a Mom & Son team who have lived in Tampa and East Hillsborough for the past 21 years. We work for Bay Area companies that have contributed to the area for many years.  Dan is the brains of the group and Kar is slowly trying to learn how to use the equipment and is happy to have Dan fight the elements. 

Poshjo-akka is busy hunting up Virtual Cache's for your hunting pleasure.

If you get the chance, take Kar's Tour of Florida, it is just a click away! 

(Yes, it has music and lots of pixs & takes a while to download, but it is worth it!)

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Want to learn more about the GPS & How it Works?

Below are just several of the handheld GPS' available. 

The Cache_Test_Dummies use the Garmin GPS12 (the 1st one pictured). 

Remember Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful-leave only footsteps!

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