God only had one Son and He was a missionary. We personally thank the Lord each day for allowing us to have a part in souls for Christ around the world! Also, we want to thank each missionary for allowing us to have both a part in their ministry and their reward in heaven for the souls won to Christ. Missionaries are a blessing to Temple Baptist Church, not a burden!

Missionaries Supported Through Temple Baptist Church

1 Thessalonians 5:25 - “Brethren, pray for us.”

Bobby Garrett Family - Hispanics
Larry Hultquist Family - Peru
Randy Alderman Family - Togo
Rodney Proctor Family - Hispanics
Ronnie Waters Family - Scotland
Terry King Family - America's Youth
Mike Caudle Family - Canada
Steve Green Family - Prison Ministry
Wade Dotson Family - Brazil
Jerry Alford Family - Venezuela
Joyce Todd Family - Missionary Widow
David Warner Family - Church Planting
Doug Howard Family - South Africa
Ron Smith Family - U. S. Military
Jimmy Ammons Family - Nigeria
Dwight Martin Family - Mexico
Daryl Wilson Family - Hispanics
Elwood Hurst Family - Micronesia
Dan Dubbe Family - Germany
Jay Shannon Family - American Indians
Maranatha Home Office
Richard Johnson Family - Church Planting
Don Dunn Family - Prison Ministry
Ron Collins Family - Brazil
Jimmie Clark Family - Evangelist
Rudy Waff Family - Bolivia
Dan Post Family - Ivory Coast
Rey Villarreal Family - Mexico
Kelle Hein Family - Mexico
Bret Groves Family - Prison Ministry
John Hornbeck Family - U. S. Military
Joe Cannon Family - Nova Scotia
Johnny McGill Family - Girls Home
Gina Vivonia - Missionary Widow
Alan Fluegge Family - Church Planter
Paul Pritchard, JR Family - Missionary Evangelist
Plato Shepherd Family - Church Planting
Matthew McVaney Family - U. S. Military
Marc Ball Family - Church Planting
Ronnie Downey Family - Wales
Larry Pieri Family - Italy
Ken Westenberger Family - South Africa
Jose Saenz Family - Mexico
David Edens Family - Niger
Tim Jett Family - Church Planting
Elijah Tackett Family - Church Planting
Johnny Davis Family - Church Planting
Simplicio Gonzalez Family - Mexico
Jack Holden Family - Hispanics
Roger Tooley Family - England
Bruce Cook Family - Canada
James Burgess Family - Canada
Refuge of Grace Girl’s Home
Edward Fort Family - Church Planter
Mike Staley Family - Peru
Carl Braswell Family - Macedonia Print Shop
Greg Anderson Family - Peru
Chris Murray Family - Philippines
David Wise Family - Paraguay
David Sexton Family - Church Planting
Dan Bennett Family - Brazil's Deaf
Randy Broadstreet Family - Canada
Ronnie Wright Family - Truckers
Sonny Dix Family - Philippines
Curtis Couch Family - Chile
Jeff Shue Family - Mexico
Bruce Rosko Family - U.S. Military
Brannon Mayes Family - China
James Ruckman Family - Church Planting
LeRoy DeMasellis Family - Prison Ministry
David Lewis Family - Military
Shenandoah Boy's and Girl's Ranch
Hal Williams Family - Hong Kong
Kevin Bennett Family - Philippines
Joe Edge Family - Brazil
Richard Guay Family - Thailand
Ronnie Tabb Family - Togo
Rodney Lane Family - Mexico
Richard Murphy Family - Printing
Michael Hart Family - Mexico
Jimmy Nichols Family - Prisons
Dennis Deneau Family - Print Ministry
Bill Snodderly Family - Church Helps
Rennie Campbell Family - Prisons
Melvin Minitor Family - Hispanics
Bill Dickerson Family - Nicaragua
Bob Cook Family - Church Planting
Larry Allred Family - Mexico
Gary Ashley Family - Columbia
Kyle Sutton Family - Australia
Chester Ammons Family - Maine
Dan Fried Family - Hope of Israel
Carroll Hughes Family - American Indians
David Roth Family - Prisons
Emil Barrouk Family - Palistine
David Jenkins Family - Prisons
Tim Bicha Family - Canada
Keith Shumaker Family - Ivory Coast
Ronnie Walker Family - Ghana
Richard Ciarrocca Family - Printing
Stephen Sorrell Family - Sri Lanka
Greg Breeden Family - Maine
Herb Williamson Family - Church Planter
Andy Baduria Family - Canada
Richard Green Family - Washington State
Terry Ray Family - Rock of Ages
Jerrold Myers Family - South Africa
David Hardy Family - USA
Patrick McDonald Family - Mexico
Rodney Waycaster Family - Australia
John Beck Family - Spain
Joe Passaro Family - Military
John Proctor Family - Hispanics
Greg Mann Family - Church Planter
Mike Hembree Family - Colombia
Jay Aarseth Fmaily - Guam
Michael Hart Family - Colombia, SA
Mirciea Cristin Family - Prisons
Charlie Russell Family - Prisons
Jesse Hailey Family - Church Planting
Jim Davison Family - Prisons
Duain Whittemore Family - USA
Frank Pitman Family - Evangelist
Marland Hardy Family - Church Planter
Bill Richburg Family - Victory Baptist Press
Stan Kamps Family - Holland
Ben Jacobs Family - Brazil
Arnold Worley Family - Transporters For Jesus
Donnie Whitlock Family - Mass Media Outreach
Kevin Hembree Family - Wales
Paul Pritchard Family - Missions Evangelist
Rodolfo Garcia Family - Mexico
Ann Montgomery Family - Missionary's Widow
Isaac Lawrence Family - Romania
Donald Bright Family - Macedonia
Jeff Perry Family - Church Planter
Joshua Ewing Family - Indonesia
Spence Powell Family - Prisons
Jay Markey Family - Church Helps
Tim Wall Family - Church Planter
Kevin Sheridan Family - Mexico
Kevin White Family - Bolivia
Hattie Weaver - Women's Shelter
Floyd Stevens Family - Prisons
Nerio Gil Family - Venezuela
Wayne Grissom Family - England
Jeff Hawks Family - Church Planter
Barton Case Family- Wings of Eagles
Gary Cowley - Prisons
Jeremy Pierce Family - Church Planter
Kent Boychin Family - Church Planter
Sam Parham Family - Prisons
Tim Bagwell Family - Ukraine
Paul Perkins Family - Philippines
John VincentFamily - Indian Prisons
Martin Fuller Family - Printing
Frankie Sheridan Family - American Indians
Dwayne Harrison Family - Mali
Larry Noland Family - Artic Canada
Morris Sherlin Family - Church Planter
Robert Burket Family - England
David Mros Family - Military
Duane Earwood Family - Church Planter
Mark Hill Family - Ireland
Henry Hatchell Family - Prisons
Dwayne Hinson Family - Church Planter
Doug Bell Family - Scotland
Alan Moravek Family - Evangelist
Benny Beckum - Evangelist
Jason Kersh Family - Prisons
Henry Benach Family - Jews
Travis Snode Family - Ireland
Doug Carragher Family - Military
Lewis Howell Family - New Zealand
Farmer Christian Academy
Chris Shull Family - Iceland
Mike Denison Family - Mexico
Scott Davis - Philippines
Ralph Copeland Family - USA
Adam Wood Family - Cambodia
Steve Kissling - Military
Greg Wilt Family - Church Planting
Jermaine Todd - Prisons
Rob Smith Family - Canada
Bill Williams Family - Mexico
Ralph Cepec Family - Trinidad
Tim Ingram Family - Brazil
Mark Shumaker Family - Church Planting
Franklin Raddish Family - Washington, D.C.
Rod Vincent Family - Navajo Indians
Jimmy Clanton Family - Church Planting
Harry Peart Family - Haiti
Art Shady Family - Church Planter
Steve Messersmith Family - England
Mike Paris Family - Israel

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