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Q:How do I pierce myself?
A: Basically...I wouldn't do it, there's no question about it, that piercing yourself in your friend's bathroom IS NOT the smartest thing to do let alone the CLEANEST...nothing makes up for a good cleaned piercing studio. However, to pierce yourself, get good materials, if you're gonna be stupid anyway and do it yourself at least you can get a good needle, good jewelry, glooves, and take care of it. And each area of your body requires different piercing methods, I mean beyond the shove a needle in and then replace with jewelry part. Step back a minute and think...imagine...how would I pierce this, sometimes that picture in your head is correct. Look at pictures to find placement, ask people you know that have the same piercing you want, read other experiences (however cautiously because not all stories are REAL stories).

Q:What sort of Aftercare should I use?
A: Well...over all, do NOT use rubbing alcohol...though this is easy to get and usually you already have it in your home, this can dry out a piercing as well as kill the growing tissue, healing tissue, that can affect the healing of your piercing. Use this ONLY if you have a bad infection, and I'd still dilute it a little bit too. Other than that you can use simple things like anti-bacterial soap, which is basic hand soap you'd find in your bathroom. Or even salt, sea-salts, are extremely good for piercings, diluted of course...you can even use table salt...just make sure you have 8oz of water to 1 teaspoon of salt...or in other words it shouldn't taste much like salt water, you should just barely taste the salt. You can use the salt water method for any piercing, outside or in (though I don't know much about gential piercing care, though it should be about the same).

Q:Where can I get supplies...like a needle and jewelry?
A: I personally, like the needles from BMESHOP , they're hollow, which makes putting in the jewelry ten times easier! Though, the lowest gauge they have is 14, which not all piercings are good pierced at this...may be a little too big...they do have some other needles. To find the hollow needles go to piercing, to find smaller gauged needles go to needles. They take money order too which are not hard to get for kiddies. I highly recommend them since I got a needle from them for my eyebrow and it was very good, other than that I don't know of any other places. Jewelry, gauges, can be bought just about every where. Go to your mall, if you have a Hot Topic they got pretty decent jewelry, and great selection. Just DO NOT forget to find something slightly bigger to allow for swelling (I don't mean bigger gauge I mean length...). Make sure it's made especially for piercings, and not restricted for your lobes, because earrings are NOT eyebrow rings, or lip rings, or navel rings...

Q:I think I have an infection in my piercing how am I sure if it's an infection and what do I do to treat it?
A:Infection is definitely something we should all fear, especially if you pierced it yourself. First off, if you did it with bad materials, placed shitty jewelry in it afterwards, and then barely took care of it, well you got EXACTLY what you deserved. You treated your body like crap and you only have yourself to blame and I'll be the first to tell you that.

That said...if it's a fresh piercing...depending on the piercing itself (some taking longer to heal than others), it may simply be healing perfectly without fault, and you shouldn't worry so much. However, if it appears redder than usual, secreting a yellower crust, and is more sore than usual (if it's still a new piercing) or is sore to the touch (for a healed piercing), than you may have an infection on hand. First off, you need to make sure NOT to touch it beyond cleaning it. If it's a healed piercing go back to washing it as you did when it was healing. Cleaning twice a day, gently, don't touch it beyond cleaning it, and don't pick at the crusties. If it's still a new piercing, don't slack on your aftercare, but don't try to clean it too much because this will just irritate it more (would you pick at a new scab...well, you shouldn't if you do). DO NOT TURN TO A PEROXIDE (RUBBING ALCOHOL) TREATMENT! This will irritate it more because it'll over dry the piercing, killing too much of the "good" basteria and keeping it from healing properly. However, if you dilute it with water, a little more water than peroxide then you should be fine and that can help. If you have crap jewelry in your piercing, spend the few extra dollars to get a surgerical steel or other high grade steel made jewelry to put it instead. You'll be amazed at how much help that does to just take out the bad jewelry and putting in good.

These are the only few questions I know I get a lot if you have another question that isn't mentioned above, then e-mail ME

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