Welcome to my Romantic Page.

I have completely revised this site, with new websets and new music.
I hope you like the changes I have done. It should be speeding up loading of pages.
It should also reduce the times where Geocities block access to the site
because I am exceeding the allowed bandwidth for a free site.
However, if it does happen, pleases do come back later for a visit.
If that is the case, I sincerely apologize, but this is beyond my control.

You can read about me, by visiting my homepage, using the drop down menu below.
I also have a Friendship and Inspiration website,
and you can also go there by using the drop down menu.

I am a romantic at heart and this page is really special to me.
I have been collecting romantic poems all over the net and other sources,
and thought it was time I created some URL's for them.

If known, I am crediting the author, as it should be.
Some are from unknown sources, and should you recognize it as your own,
please let me know and I will be happy to reference it to you..


The following pages are dedicated to my wonderful husband Tony.
Who has been by my side for 32 years.
He's also my best friend and a completely honest and devoted husband,
whom I love very much.
There are enough liars and people who deceive us in this world,
God knows I've encountered my share on the net.
I'm happy to say that he isn't one of them. And for this I will be eternally grateful.
Tony I love YOU, now and forever.

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Midi, "Holding You", copyright 2000 Bruce DeBoer and used with permission