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BIRDWATCHING DAY 1.- CUSCO TO BOCA MANU AND MAQUISAPAYOJ LODGE : We pick you up from your hotel and take you to the airport for the flight to Boca Manu (45 min.). Your guide will meet you at Boca Manu airstrip and from here we travel by boat to Maquisapayoj (Place of the Black spider monkey) (1,5 hours). The night is spent in double rooms with privat bathroom. Optional night walk (to see insects, frogs, snakes) or night at the tapir lick.

BIRDWATCHING DAY 2.- BIG MACAW CLAY LICK AND CAMUNGO LAKE & TOWER : Early in the morning we take the boat to the big Macaw Clay Lick in Blanquillo. From the blind we can observe flocks of macaws (Ara chloroptera, - macao), parrots and parakeets congregating to eat the clay, which is essential for their digestion. Breakfast at the blind.

Later we explore some of the trails in Blanquillo to see more species of monkeys and birds. After lunch we visit Camungo oxbow lake: we take a wooden catamaran >to observe Giant River Otters (Pteronura brasiliensis) and different varieties of birds. Nearby we have the opportunity to climb a 42 m tower to get a great canopy view and observe birds, e.g. toucans. In the afternoon we walk back to the river and we travel upriver for one hour to return to Maquisapayoj. From the river we walk about 1 ½ hours through primary rainforest to the Mammal Salt Lick, where we spend the night on an elevated platform (with mats and mosquito nets) to observe tapirs or other mammals during the night. If you prefer you can spend the night in double rooms at the Lodge close to the river.

BIRDWATCHING DAY 3.- MAQUISAPAYOJ TO CUSCO : By dawn we walk back to the river, have breakfast and travel upriver to Boca Manu airstrip and take the flight back to Cusco. From the plane we enjoy great views of the rainforest. Arrival in Cusco and transfer to your hotel.


 Professional naturalist guide with telescope.

 Birding guide on request.

 Private boat transport.

 Entrance fees to Macaw clay lick.

 Tapir lick, Blanco & Camungo lakes

 Cook & food (vegetarian on request) and drinking water.

 Camping equipment and Lodging.

 First Aid Kit, extractor (for poison)

Radio communication.

 Flight Cusco - Boca Manu - Cusco



 when returning by plane: airstrip tax at Boca Manu.

 Alcoholic drinks etc.

 Note: Please consider that Manu flights might be changed or - rarely - even be canceled due to weather conditions or maintenance. Therefore please make sure that you don't book your connecting flights the day after returning from Manu.



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