~A Battered Woman~

She thought he was her Knight In Shining Armor
As he thundered into her life, and swept her away
Caught up in the whilwind of passion
Spellbound, and blinded by love
she let him in

Never had she felt so loved, needed, & cherished
She was enchanted and consumed by love
Blinded, it was so easy not to see it...
The violent, twisted side of him
just beneath the surface

The bruises and swollen lips always quickly fade
But his words - cut, and wound so deeply
She is nothing - even less without him
She is bound to him and his abuse
taking all the blame

Each and every day she spends living in fear
Both self -esteem and dreams destroyed
But still, she loves him desperately
And a life alone, without him
is inconceiveable

For at times, though rare, he is still her knight
Still tender, still passionate and true
He promises things will change
Vows to never hurt her again
and so, she stays...

She doesn't recognize her own reflection in the mirror
Only the fear she feels, reflecting back in her eyes
Haunted eyes and faded bruises, she cries
The tears again stream down her face.
Who has she become

(c) 2002 ~Pamela Holland
my own personal story
many links to state & national hot lines and resource information
That was me - about 20 years ago.
It was a very long, hard, struggle to break free of the bonds of that relationship.
I actually went back about a dozen times.

Twice after the divorce was final!

What was I thinking?

..........If you've never been through it -
you'll never understand -

if you have -
there is no need to explain.

if you are going through it now-
please let me help you, help yourself.

I was lucky -
I heard a rumor that his last girlfriend-
he actually put in the hospital.

Please don't wait until this happens to you

And if it already has.....

you know it could be worse next time.

Below are resources available to you -
if you are in an abusive relationship,
mental, physical
or both

Please take a minute to at least check them out
and know there are many who are willing to help

many who understand first hand....

reach out ---
help is just a mouse click away
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