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Barbie: Fairytopia

Barbie: Fairytopia
Directed by Walter P. Martishius, William Lau

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  • Format: NTSC
  • Running time: 70 minutes

Editorial Reviews
Bravery, commitment to friendship, and personal sacrifice empower the weak and give rise to unlikely heroes in the magical world of Fairytopia. Elina (played by Barbie) is a wingless fairy who is mercilessly teased by a trio of spiteful fairies. Luckily for Elina, Dandelion (a fellow fairy) and Bibble (a cute little puffball) are good, supportive friends. When the evil Laverna plots to take over Fairytopia and spreads a potion that causes an epidemic of flying sickness in Fairytopia, Elina is the only fairy not overcome with the illness. It's up to Elina, Bibble, and new friend Hue to find a way to defeat Laverna and save Fairytopia from ruin. While the brightly colored animation of Fairytopia is enticing and the messages of friendship and sacrifice wholesome, the story line and characters are shallow and predictable. Worse yet, the colloquial dialogue and prepubescent attitude of many of the characters is downright annoying. While young Barbie fans will doubtless enjoy Fairytopia, Barbie Princess and the Pauper, Barbie Nutcracker, and Barbie Swan Lake offer richer story lines with better developed and more likeable characters. On a technical note, the DVD played fine on three test DVD players (Sony and Panasonic). (Ages 3 to 9) --Tami Horiuchi

Customer Reviews

Good Movie for Little Girls4
This is a nice movie for little girls. My four year old absolutely loves it. Of course it has Barbie and fairies so it was an instant hit. As any mom who has to watch movies over and over again I appreciate quality in children's movies and look for movies my daughter will love and I will not go crazy watching reapeatedly. My daughter truly enjoys the movie. It was a let down for me.

The movie is 70 minutes long (compared to 78 min for Nutcracker, 83 min for Rapunzel, 83 min for Swan Lake, and 85 min for Princess and the Pauper) and seems to be meant as a set-up for a series of Fairytopia movies and to sell fairytopia dolls. (if you see the feature in called Meet New Friends, or something along those lines, it shows many of the products related to the line, which is one the most shameless promotions I've seen for the series. No inspirational true life stories of girls achieving their goals or anything of the sort in this one, unlike some of the previous movies which did include some nice extras).

The movie introduces a lot of characters that are not at all developed and has a very flimsy story. I guess that is why I am not giving it 5 stars. I've seen what Barbie movies can be, and this one was not the best. The previous four Barbie movies based on classic stories are wonderful. I can watch them with my daughter every time and do not get tired of them. They are extremely well developed for this kind of movie. They used well known voice talents that brought a certain credibility to the movies which I had not expected when I first saw them advertised. This one is not in the same level as the previous four. It is sort of like the difference between Disney's Aladdin and the two sequels. The sequels were not bad, but they just were not as well produced as the first one. While the first four Barbie movies were almost flawless within their category of little girl movies, and actually raised the bar in quality animation and storytelling within said category, Barbie Fairytopia is just one more movie for your child's collection. Not really one to stand out.

After all is taken into consideration, Barbie Fairytopia is a cute movie with a nice message. Little kids will more than likely want to see it again and again. Little girls will probably want to dress up as Barbie - Elina for Halloween this year and want Fairytopia birthday parties. It is deffinitely not a waste of money. It is just not as good as the previous Barbie movies.

I just hope that Barbie's next movie, Barbie and the Magic of Pegassus (scheduled for fall 2005 release), is more like the kind of movie we have come to expect from the franchise.

Love this movie!!5
I got this as a gift for a special little girl, but she already had one so I kept it. My son loves it. He watches it and laughs at Bibble. The cartoon is about Barbie saving Fairytopia. She is the only fairy in the place who doesn't have wings. The town gets into trouble and Barbie takes action. She saves the day of course and in the end she gets her wings. This movie is great for kids and for adults.

Fungi? Yep- Ugly creepy guys. But no red eyes.3
My 5 year old liked it, but it's NO CLASSIC. There are ugly wart nosed guards(Big ears & noses), and bad birds that chase the good guys. The story requires the Barbie/wingless fairy to travel- to save Fairytopia. Because the bad lady has released a sickness gas out in the air that makes all the winged fairies ill. SHE is used to walking ( thanks Barbie people for making me actually think about fairies having muscle atrophy) so because the others aren't "used to it" -Barbie walks to get help. The "guardian" fairies are all kidnapped by the fungus guys and brought to the bad lady lair. She is trying to steal the power in their necklaces. There are creepy forests, but it's not too bad.
The colors are great, and there is a concept of "...the friends you haven't met yet." ( AWESOME)It teaches some anti-bully concepts and would be great for pre-kindergarten kids.
The boy mermaid (merman?) helps Barbie escape the stupid birds, you can tell he likes her-but there is no ending for that romance- expect more movies.
I hope she doesn't have bad dreams like she did with the red eyed villian in Swan Lake. I don't think our younger child will even want to see this.