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Barbie Princess and the Pauper

Barbie Princess and the Pauper
From Vivendi Universal

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Barbie: Princess & The Pauper is a great action-filled adventure with Erika and Princess Annaliese! They'll work together to stop a villain before he can cause chaos to the Princess' land.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #15659 in Video Games
  • Brand: Vivendi Universal
  • Model: 72193
  • Released on: 2004-09-07
  • ESRB Rating: Everyone
  • Platforms: Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows XP, Mac OS X
  • Format: CD-ROM


  • Discover the village, forest and castle as you journey through the royal kingdom!
  • Play fun games and solve puzzles! Gather apples in the orchard, spin wool for fabric, and more!
  • Play 5 creative activities as you help Erika™ become queen!
  • Decorate the castle for the ceremony! Add stained glass windows and banners for the perfect touch!
  • Collect flags, flowers and more to unlock special surprises!

Customer Reviews

Fun until you hit the bug1
My daughter went head-over-heels for the "Barbie in the Princess and the Pauper" movie, so naturally, she just had to have the game for her computer. The game's lovely graphics and professional vocals and audio effects do the movie great justice, as the player controls "Erica," completing a variety of missions. The missions are stereotypical kinds of things that little girls go crazy for, such as growing flowers, decorating the castle, baking and decorating cakes, and so forth. There are a few more non-stereotypical missions, too, but they're in the minority (which is fine for my daughter, being the "princess" that she is).

Sadly, as with other players, she cannot actually finish the game and get to the coronation finale at the end. The same bug that has plagued so many others has hit her copy as well: "Erica" can no longer sing, and therefore cannot locate the other singers necessary for the coronation.

Worse, Vivendi Universal's technical support has only "canned" responses that would help if it were related to driver incompatibility. But this is a plain, old fashioned, software bug, and that's something they just can't help with.

Don't risk disappointing your own kids: pass this title by.

How to get past the singing bug5
If you are seeing the error message " -> EzDlgNone has loaded no lip synch data" on the singer recruiting task, here's how to get past it:

This bug will not occur if you only give a flower to the correct singers (the ones who sing note patterns that match Erika's). Watch the little display in the lower right of the screen and sing any of the three patterns shown at the top. When the correct singers respond, their note pattern will appear below Erika's. Give them a flower. But if the singer is bad, only gray circles will appear. If you give a bad singer a flower, you will often hit the bug. So just make sure your daughter doesn't try to recruit the bad singers, and all should be well.

Except for this bug, the game is a lot of fun. My 5 year old loves it, and was able to play the entire game with almost no help.

Great Fun and Teaches Problem Solving5
My 4 year old daughter loves this game. She's 2 years below the recommended age, but with adult supervision and coaching is able to play the game.

This game builds on itself. You begin with easy tasks and progress to more difficult tasks that require a more mature thought process. I am able to discuss the problem solving steps with my child during this game and she is able to then deduct what she should do next.

Her favorite tasks are baking cakes, making stained glass windows, flags, and taking care of the kittens in this game. You are only required to do each of these tasks once. However, it is possible to go back and do these tasks multiple times (which my daughter does repeatedly).

This game is nice because it makes the learning process fun. My daughter loves the storyline and is anxious to get to the coronation of Erika. (I have to admit that I played the game through one evening after my daughter was asleep just to see what happened at the end.)

Anytime you exit the game, your point of progess in the game is saved. This means that you can stop at anytime and resume hours or days later where you left off. I love this feature as the game is lengthy. I believe there are 18 or so tasks to solve.

This game is just good, clean fun.