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Welcome to my Web Page.
I am pleased and honored that you have come to visit my site.
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My name is BarBara Teresa Anna Maria Przeklasa.
I am Canadian , proud of my Polish
heritage. Check out the latest additions to my family tree!

I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. Neither does this website! One thing it's not,
is a blog (daily or otherwise). However, I make little changes here and there quite often,
and the "This is True" box below has a new story every day,
so do come back again.

Painting & Drawing
Landscapes, still lifes, portraits.
"You pay me, I paint you!" (or your cat, dog, budgie, goldfish... whatever).

Counted cross stitch, either commercially available patterns or my own designs, some of which are actually featured (click and see!).

Veggies, flowers, shrubs (what else is there? The Zen of Pruning? Oh! Houseplants! Riiiight.).

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See you soon,


I've learned from my mistakes and am confident that I can do them all over again exactly the same way.

Online since February 5, 2002

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This site was last tweaked on February 7, 2012
sadly, to update the family tree section (again)


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