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    Hi, my name is Fuzz.
    Actually, it's Kitten Fuzz,
but I sort of outgrew that name.
    I want to introduce you to my family.

This is me on my computer chair.
If I'm lucky, Mom will leave her
wallet out and I can order some food!
Wanna read some more about me?
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     This is my sister, Lucy.
She isn't a cat, but she thinks she is!

That's why she is always trying to eat my food
and get into my litter box.
She likes to hang out on windowsills,
so she can't be all bad.
Lucy's Story

My brother Bailey is a great guy.

He's never home, because he likes
to go down the hallway
and visit our neighbor, Josie.
She must have some great food!
Bailey's Story

My newest brother is Grayson.

He's the naughty one
who likes to knock everything
off of the counters.
He steals food, too!
Grayson's Story

Wanna see some other relatives?
Come meet Trevor and Ace!

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let me know if you like my page!
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