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1.    Backtalk Unlimited features musical arrangements of jazz tunes and other popular music. Music is available in a variety of file formats and on CD-ROM.
2.    We produce custom arrangements for every occasion, including birthday/ wedding celebrations, musical telephone answering services  and other special musical services.
3.   Need background  music to liven up your home page? We can  provide just the right tune  for you!
4.   Want to play your clarinet  solo or sing along with a rhythm background? Let us write a solo to  your favorite tune and rhythm to match!
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"Now, those Backtalk Unlimited guys...they get RESPECT!  I'd give 'em one
of THESE!"
- R. D.
Please click on the title for a  full-length sample arrangement (mp3):

"I Can't Get Started"
(Vernon Duke)

Free sample  music is changed frequently - Please visit us often!
Having a party or reception in the Dallas-Fort Worth area?
Please contact us c/o backtalk_unlimited@yahoo.com to arrange for musical services.
Musical Inspiration
provided by
H. Marx, Esq.
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Are you  a poet and don't know it? We will set your poem to music - This is one of our most popular services -

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CD music albums are 50% off through 12/31/07!

Arrangements of original compositions are now available on CD-ROM. Please click on the button to visit us at http://backtalkunlimited.bravehost.com.
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