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Welcome To My Web Page!!
This site is currently being SEVERELY worked on...pls be patient as I only get to do this every other weekend
(The dates in the brackets are when that page was last worked on)
Don't be afraid to make requests, as that tells me what sections to add/improve on, thanks for the request for the FF VIII video walkthrough on YouTube. If you see a vid you like on my profile, email me and I'll send it to you (except for walkthrough eppies :S)
E-mail Me @:
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(February  25th, 2006 ) Devil May Cry
(August 2nd, 2005) Final Fantasy
About Me (February 22nd, 2007)
Wanna see one of the things I've been busy with? It's got vids too ^_^
(May 19th, 2006)  Kingdom Hearts
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